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Fortnite: Battle Royale Easter weapons leaked?


New Grenades, Assault Rifles and more are on the way.

On this page you’ll find six datamined weapons that will be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale in the future, with one of them hinting at an upcoming Easter event.

Epic’s always keeping Fortnite: Battle Royale fresh with a constant stream of new items, weapons and cosmetics. It looks as though this trend is only going to continue as a datamine by Redditor Mlinki3636 has revealed six new weapons coming to the game in the near future.

If we break these weapons down into categories, we can see that two of them are Grenades, two of them are Rifles and two of them are Launchers. Perhaps the most interesting detail is the Easter Bunny decal on what seems to be an Easter egg Grenade Launcher.

Here’s an image of all the weapons and just below we’ve broken down what we make of them all.

  • Top Left: We’re certain this is going to be a Poison Gas Grenade that’ll do damage-over-time to enemies caught in its toxic cloud.
  • Top Middle: Modelled on the FAMAS Assault Rifle, we’re expecting a pretty standard fully automatic rifle with a high fire rate.
  • Top Right: Looks like a mixture between a Rocket Launcher and the fabled Zapatron. Could it be an electrified explosive launcher of some kind?
  • Bottom Left: C4 explosive. Attach it to a surface, wait and click to blow it up.
  • Bottom Middle: Another Scoped Assault Rifle. This could be fully automatic in comparison to the Semi-Auto Rifle currently in the game.
  • Bottom Right: An Easter Egg Grenade Launcher!

While there’s no release date for these weapons, we expect them to be rolled out gradually over the next few months. When it comes to the Easter Egg Launcher, it’s likely we’ll see this land towards the end of this month alongside a fully fledged Easter Event.

We’ll continue to monitor Fortnite: Battle Royale for any further hint of an Easter Event, so stay tuned for all the latest!

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