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Fortnite: Battle Royale – How to win (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Tips and tricks to help you secure the Victory Royale.

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale guide on how to win will help you bag that elusive Victory Royale.

Winning a match of Fortnite is no mean feat. You’ll need mastery of the early game, a touch of luck and enough building experience to survive the tough endgame phase. As the clock ticks down and player count drops along with it, a new dynamic develops and you need to adapt along with it.

Survive the rush at the beginning, bag some kills in the mid-game and it’ll be time to face the final ten. This is where things become far more intense, as the energy field constricts ever-tighter and each player is increasingly aware of the others’ positions. Many players struggle with the sudden change in pace here, as it almost becomes an entirely different game altogether – forts are constructed, scopes are readied and those who dare win.

Of course, it’s also a challenge getting to a top ten situation. All in all, Battle Royale is a challenge. To help you out, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks which’ll help you best prepare for, and improve how you handle each stage of a match – including the dreaded top 10. Put these into practise and you’ll be taking home the victory royale in no time.

Tips and tricks to help you win more games

Below we’ve listed a number of quick tips which should prove useful when going for that Victory Royale.

Communication, communication, communication

This only applies to duos or squads matches, but it’s important to share critical information with your teammates. You don’t need to outline absolutely everything that’s going on, but relay the must know stuff. We’re talking: enemy positions, if you’re in need of health or ammo and what you’re moves you’re planning on making.

Choose your landing spot wisely

Increase your chances of winning ten-fold by selecting your landing spot wisely. Survive the chaos of Pleasant Park or Tilted Towers and your inventory will be positively sagging with loot, but it’s very tricky to make it out unscathed as these are incredibly popular places for players to head to at the start.

It’s probably best to land somewhere that’s a little less populated and follow a loot route that takes you through a number of areas. This way you’ll have a much better chance of surviving the opening salvo, and having a vague idea of where to go next will ensure you’re not wasting any time scouring for chests or finding other players to eliminate.

If you want to get off to the very best start in the game, our best places to land and how to land faster guides will help you out!

Farm resources

You don’t want to reach the final stages of the match, go to build some defenses, and then suddenly realise you’re completely out of materials.

It’s absolutely vital that you enter the late-game with an abundance of resources to hand, so make sure you spend some time early on in the match harvesting wood, brick and metal.

If in doubt, just whip out your pickaxe and begin farming trees when you’ve got a spare moment. You can never have too many building materials in your back-pocket, and you’ll be glad you went to the effort when you need the goods.

Throw down panic walls

If you’re ever caught out of position, or you’re engaged in a duel with another player, don’t hesitate to lay down quick “panic walls” that’ll provide cover and provide you with more options for dealing with the situation.

We’re talking something really simple here: just a box with a ramp in the center. This is perfect for resetting a fight that isn’t going your way, providing cover if you’re caught out, and giving you a bit of high ground to stamp some authority over your enemy when they least expect it.

Need to improve your building? Our base building design tips and ideas has got you covered.

Get the right item setup

It goes without saying that you’ll fare much better in the top 10 with a sniper rifle, assault rifle, an explosive of some kind and a bunch of healing items. Get looting and chase fights in the early and mid-game to bolster your arsenal if you want to stand a chance when the match draws to a close.

Here’s an example of a very nice setup: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 Sniper, 1 explosive weapon, grenades and healing items (bandages, armour potions etc).

We can’t stress enough the importance of armour potions and healing items. These are essential when it comes to surviving fights and trading blows with enemies.

For a complete list of items and weapons, check out our weapon tier list and our consumables page!

Video by Avxry

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

Go for supply drops

Occasionally you’ll see crates drop from the sky. These contain some of the most powerful goodies in the game.

Instead of ignoring them, be assertive and play aggressively. Either make a break for it and attempt to crack them open, or use them as bait and wait for enemies to pile in before going in for the kill yourself.

We understand that it’s a bold move to make, but you’re only going to get better by playing with initiative and fighting for the very best gear available. If you shy away from combat and hope to win the match by camping, then it’s just not going to happen.

Construct some options

We highly recommend finding a spot in the circle and quickly building a simple tower or fort that’ll give you some added protection and a height advantage.

Having a structure already in place will give you options where there might be none – if you’re caught running in open ground, for example. You can also extend the fort to create opportunities, or quietly abandon it to get the drop on enemies.

Our last piece of advice would be to find the highest piece of ground within the circle and begin building your fort there. This way you’ll easily grab the height advantage and players will be forced to either build up to you, or constantly turn to check that you aren’t challenging them from above.

Video by dakotaz

Keep on the move

While it’s important that you build a fort or hold a position, when the clock starts ticking down and the circle starts to constrict the area even more tightly, you’ll want to get on the move.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should abandon your fort and run around like a maniac – far from it. Instead, start using the materials you’ve gathered to build a quick structure and use it as a springboard to cover the map.

For example, you could build a tower and then start creating platforms from the top to cover the map quickly from a height, or to invade someone else’s space.

Unless you’re positioned perfectly, it’s unlikely that staying in the same place for a few minutes will guarantee the win. You’ll improve by being a pro-active player, and if you’re constantly taking the initiative you’ll begin rattling enemies who aren’t expecting such aggressive play.

Be a flanker

Again, this is much in the same vein as the point above but sometimes it’s worth circling around opponents to get the drop on them.

If you’re confident that an enemy hasn’t seen you, try and sneak around them. What if they’ve seen you though? It doesn’t matter, just dip out of their vision and start thinking about moving in on their position. If anything it’ll get them a little jittery, and more prone to making mistakes when confronted.

Often we find our attempts to assassinate enemies leads us into favourable situations. We might stumble into enemies already locked in battle, for example, or find forts that can be flattened in an instant before their occupants even know what’s hit them.

Survey your surroundings

As the zone becomes smaller and smaller, it’s surprising how many players won’t have enough materials to build a fort or will resort to stealth tactics in order to win the game.

Make sure you’re checking every bush as you scan the environment. If you’re nestled in a fort, ensure that you’re listening out for any footsteps or building sounds. That’s the difference between Fortnite: BR and other battle royale games – enemies can find ways to get to you no matter what. Stay alert.

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