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Fortnite: Best places to land


These landing spots are guaranteed to get you ahead of the game.

On this page you’ll find the best places to land in Fortnite: Battle Royale to achieve the best possible start.

How you kick off a game of Fortnite usually dictates how the rest of the match will pan out. End up landing in a bad spot and you’ll likely face a mad scramble to bag all the juicy loot before everyone else does, or simply end up with the scraps and come up against an enemy later down the lines who’s sporting an abundance of legendary gear.

There’s a lot of map to cover, and so it’s very difficult to ascertain which spots will be safe to land in, and – most importantly – which will have a higher chance of containing those all-important loot chests. That’s why we’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will show you some of the best spots to land so you can get geared up nice and quickly.

This isn’t a definitive list by any means! If you’ve got a landing spot that you believe is under-rated and that you use often, don’t hesitate to pop it into the comments section and we may even highlight it in the guide in the next update.

Fortnite’s map is always changing. In Chapter 2 Season 3, the whole thing is flooded, meaning your options will need to take into account the availability of boats and other methods of transport to get you around the map. From Risky Reels to Donkey’s Dong, we’ve tried out all the looting spots and have some choice picks to help you get started.

Read on for our top picks for where to land and get your looting going!

Homely Hills

This landmark is perfect for a quiet drop. You won’t be kitted up with a bunch of legendary weapons, but you’ll still have a handful of decent bits of gear that’ll help you defend yourself in future fights. There’s a few half-flooded houses here with some treasure chests inside, so bust through the roof and listen for the shimmery sound effect. After that, you can rotate southwards to Pleasant Park if you’re looking for a fight or a bit of rarer kit, since you’ll hopefully be at least partially shielded up.

The Authority

The Authority is a big ol’ stronghold in the middle of the map. It’s got a whole lot of loot available, but you’ll have to handle NPC enemies patrolling the area. They’re not particularly difficult to beat though, so if you can claim the Authority for your own, you’ll have control of a solid central part of the map and be able to use your fancy gear to hold your ground. Be warned though – it’s sometimes a pretty hot drop, so you could crash and burn early on. If you come out alive though, you’re in for a lovely game!

Craggy Cliffs

Another place you’ll want to head to for a quieter start, Craggy Cliffs can be found to the north-west of Frenzy Farm. There’s a few houses flooded at the north end, so hack your way inside and listen out for the shimmery sound of treasure chests.

If you get some guns and shields now is a decent time to pop on down to Frenzy Farm and start some fights with the big dogs.

Pleasant Park

Looking for a quieter drop? The kind of drop that’ll let you get a bit of kit before being thrown into the fray? Tough. Pleasant Park is a bit of a spicy drop, with baddies looting all around you non-stop. Still, it’s worth trying out, since you’ll have a lot of great kit once you’ve left.

Beware of sharks though! They take a while to kill and can really irritate you by jumping out of the water, so don’t bother fighting them unless you’re sure the area is safe.

If you survive this early onslaught, head south towards Salty Springs all kitted up and you should end up with a solid advantage on your foes.

Aprez Ski

This lit-up ski chalet can be found on the mountains just to the south-west of Misty Meadows. Loot here, and you’ll find a load of gear-filled houses on the way over to Misty Meadows, where there’s a busy area filled with delicious weapons and ammo. You should be kitted up enough from your journey here to survive as well.

Dirty Docks

This area is almost completely submerged, so you’ll be free of interference from enemies most of the time. There’s not a lot, since most of the area is submerged, but hoover up what you find here and rotate towards Frenzy Farm. On the way there’s a lot of nice buildings enemies are unlikely to have looted, such as a storage unit area, so give that a go when you run out of kit at the docks. Once you reach a populated area, you’ll be geared up and golden.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake is our final spot, and it’s a big one. We found lots of loot here, although it was hotly contested.

We recommend dropping in through the rooftops of Lazy Lake’s many buildings. There’s a lot of verticality here, and having the high ground will provide you with a lot of advantages over your foes.

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

That’s all for our Fortnite: Battle Royale best drop points page! For more helping hands with Fortnite, check out our Fortnite Best Settings guide, as well as tips on how to gift Fortnite skins and cosmetics to your friends.

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