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Fortnite: Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake


How to raise the Disco Ball in Loot Lake and complete this challenge.

Our Fortnite Disco Ball dance location guide explains where to where to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake to complete this Week 5 Challenge.

Fortnite’s no stranger to making its player base dance for challenges and this week it’s no different. For this Week 5 Challenge, you’ll need to raise an elusive Disco Ball hidden away in Loot Lake through the only natural method – busting a move.

If you’re unfamiliar with the map, weekly challenges and even how to dance, then this challenge might seem trickier than most. It’s description is also pretty vague, so it’s not clear how exactly you’ll go about raising the Disco Ball, where most challenge descriptions are nice and transparent.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through where to find the Disco Ball and how to raise it with the help of three other players.

If you’re struggling with any other Week 5 Challenges, make sure you have a read through our Week 5 Challenges guide. It contains tips to getting them all done and dusted with minimal effort!

How to find the Disco Ball and raise it

Here’s a step by step guide to help you find the Disco Ball and raise it to complete this challenge.

Video by xGarbett

  • First things first, you’ll need to part up in a squads game with three other players. It’s far easier if you’ve got three friends all in party chat so you can coordinate.
  • Next, load up a match and aim to drop off at Loot Lake.
  • Just over to the West of Loot Lake there are two warehouses and a pair of piers. You’ll want to land at the Northernmost warehouse.
  • Head inside and you’ll spot four platforms in each corner of the room circling a Disco Ball in the center.
  • The trick here is to have everyone in the party split up and stand on each of the platforms. One player to one platform.
  • One you’re all in position, simply bust out a dance move and the Disco Ball will spring to life and start ascending towards the roof.
  • When it reaches the top some confetti will pop and this will signal that you’ve completed the challenge!
  • Of course, make sure no-one steps off the platforms too early, or doesn’t dance – this will stop the Disco Ball from ascending.
  • If you’re on your lonesome, try standing on one of the platforms and dancing, perhaps even shoot the other platforms to let others know what the objective is. It should be pretty obvious what you’re trying to achieve. Be patient on this front as it could take a number of goes before you manage a coordinated effort with some randomers. Finally, expect everyone to turn on eachother once the job’s complete!

Do be aware that everyone will be gunning for the same location this week, so prepare yourself for some squad fights if you’re aiming to get this challenge ticked off immediately. It might be worth waiting a couple of days until things simmer down if you’re not in a hurry to earn those Battle Stars.

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That’s concludes our Disco Ball challenge guide, but we’ll update it further if things turn out to be a little trickier than anticipated. Stay tuned!

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