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Fortnite: All Shopping Cart locations


Here's a list of locations where you're most likely to find a Shopping Cart.

Our Fortnite All Shopping Cart locations page details how to find every Shopping Cart on the Battle Royale map.

Introduced with Patch V.4., Shopping Carts are Fortnite’s first pseudo-vehicle and allow players to traverse the environment with an ally in tow. One player pushes the cart while the other hops inside the trolley watching out for any nearby enemies – naturally.

It’s hardly the speediest vehicle out there, but it can certainly pick up some speed if you disregard all safety measures and send yourself plummeting downhill. Despite leaving you a little vulnerable, it’s a lot of fun to rattle around the map and makes for a nice alternative to the usual jogging affair.

Shopping Carts aren’t littered around the map and you’ll need to do a little bit of rooting around to found one though. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide with all the currently known Shopping Cart locations in Fortnite, with a handy video resource as a visual aid too. It’s worth mentioning that there are no guarantees that you’ll find a Shopping Cart at all of these spots, but it’s good to have these locations in the back of your mind at all times!

For more info on how the Shopping Cart works, make sure you head on over to our Shopping Cart guide!

All Shopping Cart Locations

Here’s a list of locations where you’re most likely to find a Shopping Cart.

  • There’s a bunch of Shopping Carts on the Western tip of the squiggly path South of Lonely Lodge.
  • Just outside the outdoorsy shop in the center of Greasy Grove is another place you’re likely to find a lone Shopping Cart.
  • Over to the West of Loot Lake there’s a pair of piers. Step onto the Northernmost one, run over to the large shipping crate and you’ll spot a Shopping Cart resting up against it. If you’re lucky, there should be another Shopping Cart right at the end of the pier
  • Head on to the North Eastern area of Junk Junction and you’ll find a Shopping Cart sitting in between the two buildings. You’ll also find another Shopping Cart right in the centre of the scrapyard too.
  • The North Westernmost car park in Flush Factory is home to a discarded Shopping Cart.
  • To the West of Lucky Landing you’ll find a Shopping Cart sitting by a couple of crates, just opposite a red car.
  • In the compound between Tomato Town and Retail Row you’ll spot a Shopping Cart tucked away to the West. It’s hidden by a wall and sits right next to a large yellow dumpster.
  • To the North West of Retail Row there’s another Shopping Cart right next to a yellow car. There’s also another outside the “Noms” store too.
  • Land at the very North Western tip of Salty Springs and you’ll find a Shopping Cart just outside a house and opposite a bench.
  • Tilted Towers is a treasure trove of Shopping Carts. There’s a couple by the garage, one near the bus, and tonnes more to find.
  • Head North of Dusty Divot, and you’ll find a Shopping Cart waiting for you just behind one of the old warehouses.
  • There are a couple of Shopping Carts on the mountain by Salty Springs.
  • Speaking of mountains, the one near Snobby Shores and the football pitch will have a handful of Shopping Cart spawns.
  • You should find three Shipping carts outside the house in Haunted Hills with the meteor crater near it.
  • The bridge just outside of Tomato Town is home to a Shopping Cart. Check behind the restaurant in the center too.
  • Check inside the garage near the treehouse in Pleasant Park.
  • There’s a Shopping Cart South of Risky Reels, on the ledge with the abandoned RV.

Video by Hidden Masters

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That concludes the first iteration of our Shopping Cart location guide. Stay tuned for further updates when we’ve found more!

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