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Fortnite: Light Machine gun guide – Damage stats, tips and strategy advice


Everything we know about the Light Machine Gun coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Our Fortnite Light Machine Gun guide contains everything we know so far about this new weapon and will be updated with damage stats and tips when it goes live.

In keeping with Fortnite’s regular update schedule, a Light Machine Gun has been added to the game’s arsenal. It’s described as having a “fast rate of fire, large magazine, and slow reload”. So it’s basically as you’d expect, a hulking great thing that’ll shred targets unfortunate enough to get in its way.

It functions somewhat similarly to Minigun, albeit with a little more maneuverability and power. This makes it perfect for chewing through enemy forts and health bars for that matter, but you’ll want to seek cover when bullets are running dry as it’ll take you more than a while to reload the magazine.

We’re currently working with very limited information so much of this guide is a work in progress. We’ve put together a brief overview of how it functions, alongside a few empty sections that we’ll update as quickly as we can once the Light Machine Gun goes live in Fortnite – stay tuned!

Light Machine Gun: First Details

Here’s a brief breakdown of everything we know about this new weapon, as well a bit of speculation on our part too.

Damage Stats

Name Rarity DPS Damage Fire Rate Mag Reload
Light Machine Gun Rare 200 25 8 100 5
Light Machine Gun Epic 208 26 8 100 4.7
  • It’s official description reads, “New LMG weapon has a fast rate of fire, large magazine, and slow reload.”.
  • Can be found in Floor Loot, Treasure Chests, and Vending Machines.
  • 25/26 damage (Rare/Epic)
  • 100 round magazine, Fire Medium ammo.
  • 5 second reload time.

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Light Machine Gun Tips and Tricks

Here are a few preliminary tips to help you get to grips with the Light Machine Gun. We’ll update this section as we get more hands on time with the new weapon – stay tuned!

Video by Muselk

  • The Light Machine Gun (LMG) at close range is more than capable of completely shredding your enemies.
  • It’s best to fire this weapon in short, sharp bursts if you want to maintain accuracy at mid to long range. Otherwise, for any short range engagements it’s better to hold down the trigger and watch as your targets melts.
  • The LMG’s main strength is decimating enemy forts. Spray and pray at a structure and you’ll topple it in no time.
  • When you’re up close and personal, don’t be afraid to hip fire. The LMG has such a high fire rate you’ll almost certainly land more than a few devastating hits.

For tips and stats on all the weapons in Fortnite: BR, check out our weapon tier list and best guns and other weapons guides!

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