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Fortnite: Tilted Towers Comet – Telescopes, controller vibrations and more


Everything we know about the cataclysmic event that may be coming to Tilted Towers.

Our Fortnite: Tilted Towers Comet guide contains details of all the strange events involving telescopes, Morse Code, new chests and controller vibrations.

Something strange appears to be going on with the Tilted Towers region of the Fortnite: Battle Royale map.

According to the community a comet appears to be building up steam overhead, and fan speculation has it that Tilted Towers may be about to be demolished in a truly cataclysmic event.

Here’s everything we know about this peculiar state of affairs so far. Note that the first rumblings about the Tilted Towers comet started at the beginning of April, and so this may all be an elaborate April Fool’s joke on the part of Epic! We’ll just have to wait and see how this one pans out.

– Tilted Towers may be under threat because it’s location impacts the flow of the game. Its central location means the Storm is very often right near it, so players tend to focus on the area.

– If you look up in the sky you should be able to see a bright shining meteor that appears to be focused directly on Tilting Towers. According to community reports, this meteor is getting bigger – and therefore closer – every day.

Here’s a comet asset added into the game’s source files [SOURCE]

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– The suggestion is that some kind of special event is coming up – perhaps linked to the end of Season 3 – that will see Tilted Towers truly obliterated from the map.

– Further evidence of something astronomical in nature comes from the recent addition of telescopes to the map. These seem to suggest that something interesting is happening up in the skies, and many are about to gather in order to witness its conclusion.

– Here are the Fatal Fields telescopes that have started appearing: [SOURCE]

– A number of chests are being added close to these telescopes, which suggests loot might gradually be taken away from the – soon to be demolished – Tilted Towers and instead re-distributed into the local area.

– Some odd controller vibrations are being reported that appear to translate into Morse Code that reads SOS D 5 4 18. The SOS is simple enough to understand, D5 is the grid map for Tilted Towers, and 4 18 gives April 2018.

Hoax or not, we’ll keep tracking this one and will report back with any new developments from the community.

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