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Fortnite: Week 2 Challenges guide (Season 4)


Our comprehensive guide to completing all Week 2 Challenges in Season 4.

Our Fortnite: Week 2 Challenges guide details all of the new Season 4 Challenges, featuring different film cameras and searching between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen.

Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is well under way at this point, and as with every weekly reset there’s now a completely new collection of Challenges for you to get stuck into on the battlefield.

If you were around for Season 3 and worked through those tasks then you’ll know what to expect here. You’ll be scouring the maps for clues and looking for hidden treasure, killing other players using very specific weapons, and emoting in all kinds of ways with the map.

Why put yourself through all of this bother though? Well, complete these challenges and you’ll earn not just loads of bonus XP for your Season 4 Battle Pass but a bunch of Battle Stars too. This’ll go towards unlocking more unique skins, gliders, pickaxes and more – so it’s well worth the time and effort.

Although some of the challenges are pretty easy, a few of them are quite tricky and so we’ve put together a handy guide that will help you beat the lot. In this article you’ll find every Week 2 challenge, with advice for beating each one as quickly as possible.

Some of the tougher tasks have their own detailed guides, so just click through if you need more help with the more problematic ones. Don’t forget either that we have a comprehensive Season 4 guide and all the help you need with the Week 1 challenges as well.

Finally, we’ve put together a Week 3 Challenges guide for those of you who might be struggling to get them out of the way. Make sure you give it a read for in-depth strategy advice, treasure locations and more!

Fortnite: Week 2 Challenges (Season 4)

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of finishing this week’s challenges, here’s an overview of what you’ll have to complete. Click the links to jump straight to the one you’re most interested in right now.

These are all of Week 2’s Challenges in Fortnite, then. Just below we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for getting each one finished without too much hassle.

Search Chests in Greasy Grove

Get off to a cracking start to this week’s challenges by making a rapid beeline to Greasy Grove as quickly as you can. The instant you’ve touched the ground, start sprinting around the area and focus on seeking out as many glowing, tinkling chests as possible.

Don’t pay the opposition any mind here. Instead, focus on opening chests. If you’re eliminated, just pick up and repeat this process over the course of a few matches until it’s ticked off!

It’s worth taking a look at our Loot Map page as it’ll give you a better idea of where chests are located in Greasy Grove. If you’re also unsure how to get on the ground faster than everyone else, our How to Land Faster page has you covered.

Consume Hop Rocks

To complete the next task, just dive bomb into Dusty Divot and then make sure you interact with the Hop Rocks that are located all around the zone. Expect a lot of competition while you’re doing this, so just get down on the ground as fast as possible and get on with the job at hand.

Forget fighting and just focus all of your attention on consuming as many of these items as you can. As with the last challenge you can always just make a beeline for this zone in another match to finish things up.

If you get eliminated, simply load back into another match and repeat the process!

Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents

The only way to finish this challenge is if you can get your hands on a Suppressed weapon and make good use of it. These items are pretty rare to be honest, and so you’ll just need to keep one eye out for either the related Submachine Gun or the Pistol.

When you have one of these weapons, keep in mind that you don’t have to get kills, just do damage. Make them your primary weapon and just try to make the best use of your ammunition as you can so that you can make efficient progress on this one.

For ease of use, we’d recommend getting hold of the Suppressed Submachine gun. It’s easier to rattle off shots at close range as all you really have to do is hold down the trigger and watch their health bars deplete!

Dance in front of different film cameras

This one’s a difficult challenge that requires some serious map knowledge, or just a large amount of luck. In order to get this one out of the way, you’ll need to root around for different film cameras scattered around the map and dance in front of them.

Thankfully, you won’t need to spend ages hunting down each one, as niitq has done the hard work for us. We’ve embedded his video down below which shows the location of all the film cameras on Fortnite’s map.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure you give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel. Niitq always produces quality Fornite content like this!

If you’re not able to watch it for whatever reason, we’ve got a separate all film camera locations page which breaks things down in text form for you.

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

Fortnite’s followed it up with another tricky challenge this week, as you’ll need to search between three specific locations around the map in order to unearth a bundle of Battle Stars.

Youtuber niitq has us covered again though, with a video that showcases exact location for the treasure. Take a look below.

If you found it helpful, do make sure to give the video a thumbs up and consider subscribing! If you need a text version, make you sure look at our separate Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen page.

Explosive Weapon Eliminations

For this one, you’ll need to obtain three Explosive Weapon eliminations. Grenades, Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers all count towards the total, so channel your efforts into getting hold of any of these weapons and using them during a fight.

If you’re really struggling to get this challenge out of the way, you could try queueing up with friends. Whenever you reduces someone’s health to zero in a squads or duos game, they’ll – more often than not – go into a down-but-not-out state. Manage to down an enemy and you can “share” the kill and finish them off with an explosion. This keeps things nice and simple, and only requires that you have some form of explosive in your backpack.

We’d highly recommend keeping a Rocket Launcher in your inventory for this one. It’s by far the easiest explosive weapon to use as it’s accurate, powerful and perfectly capable of wiping out a group of enemies unlucky enough to be caught in the blast.

Eliminate Opponents in Tomato Town

To get this final challenge ticked off, your best bet is to land in Tomato Town from the get-go. Search for a weapon once you’ve hit the ground and get on the offensive right away. Moving with speed will increase the likelihood that you’ll catch players off guard who haven’t had the time to loot up.

Simply do this over the course of a few matches and it won’t be long before you get this challenge done!

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