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Frozen Throne Druid cards – Hearthstone


A gallery of every Druid card coming with Knights of the Frozen Throne.

Our Hearthstone Frozen Throne guide contains the top decks for the meta, mission walkthroughs, cards and more!

In just a week or two from now we’ll be able to start getting stuck into Knights of the Frozen Throne, the sixth expansion for Hearthstone. This is a new expansion with a decidedly frosty feel to it, and actually brings back quite a few memories of Naxxramas from what we’ve seen of the 135 incoming cards so far.

Not only is Deathrattle making a big appearance in the new set, we’re also getting undead versions of each and every hero – completely with new hero powers – via a special set of Legendary cards. Ever used cards that converted damage into self-healing? This now has a proper keyword – Lifesteal – and you can expect to see the mechanic sprinkled liberally throughout the set.

In our massive Knights of the Frozen Throne guide, you’ll find a complete breakdown of everything that’s so far been confirmed by Blizzard. Every card and every last scrap of information about the challenges ahead of us is being added as it’s revealed, so make sure you check back for daily updates!

UPDATE – 10.08.17

We’ve got nearly a dozen deck guides ready for the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne, and while they’ll change a great deal in the coming days and weeks they will nevertheless provide a great jumping off point. There’s a good mix of aggro and control, old and new in there, and we’ll keep updating these just as fast as we can – have fun!

Frozen Throne: Decks

In this section of our guide you’ll be able to find the latest Frozen Throne deck guides, as and when they’re published. Check back regularly for updates throughout the launch window and beyond:










Frozen Throne: Missions

Our Frozen Throne Mission guide page, with starting dates for each of the three wings, is live now. To avoid cluttering this article we’ll be adding walkthrough and strategies for every encounter on that same page.

Frozen Throne: FAQ

Here’s a just-the-facts look at the announcement, with all of the core details about what to expect from the next expansions. After this we’ve got a closer look at some of the finer details:

  • The next Hearthstone expansion will be released on Thursday 10th August.
  • There will be a total of 135 new cards to collect when Knights of the Frozen Throne goes live.
  • Every hero in the game will gain a new Death Knight version of themselves! After transforming via a Legendary Hero Card, you’ll gain access to a new hero power.
  • There will be an adventure component to the expansion which is set in the Icecrown Citadel. There will be three wings to explore, culminating in a showdown with the Lich King himself! Completing each wing will reward you with a card pack, and you’ll also get one of those Legendary Hero Cards for completing the Prologue.
  • A new mechanic – Lifesteal – is being added to the game. This is quite a familiar effect and converts damage into healing, but it now has a proper name and many new associated cards.

Here’s the reveal video itself if you missed it the first time around.

Frozen Throne: Cards

Here’s a hero by hero look at all of the new cards coming in Knights of Frozen Throne:

Neutral cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Snowflipper Penguin
Acherus Veteran
Deadscale Knight
Wretched Tiller
Fallen Sun Cleric
Tuskarr Fisherman
Tainted Zealot
Hyldnir Frostrider
Grave Shambler
Wicked Skeleton
Night Howler
Grim Necromancer
Cobalt Scalebane
Sunborne Val’kyr
Necrotic Geist
Happy Ghoul
Shallow Gravedigger
Keening Banshee
Phantom Freebooter
Saronite Chain Gang
Ticking Abomination
Corpse Raiser
Bone Drake
Drakkari Enchanter
Deathaxe Punisher
Meat Wagon
Rattling Rascal
Tomb Lurker
Furnacefire Colossus
Nerubian Unraveler
Skulking Geist
Prince Keleseth
Prince Taldaram
Prince Valanar
The Lich King

Druid cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Crypt Lord Gnash
Strongshell Scavenger Webweave
Druid of the Swarm Spreading Plague
Fatespinner Ultimate Infestation
Hadronox Malfurion the Pestilent

Hunter cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Bearshark Play Dead
Stitched Tracker Venomstrike Trap
Exploding Bloatbat Toxic Arrow
Corpse Widow Deathstalker Rexxar
Abominable Bowman
Professor Putricide

Mage cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Coldwraith Breath of Sindragosa
Ice Walker Frost Clone
Doomed Apprentice Simulacrum
Ghastly Conjurer Glacial Mysteries
Sindragosa Frost Lich Jaina

Paladin cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Righteous Defender Dark Conviction Light’s Sorrow
Chillblade Champion Desperate Stand
Howling Commander Uther of the Ebon Blade
Arrogant Crusader
Bolvar, Fireblood

Priest cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Acolyte of Agony Spirit Lash
Shadow Ascendant Eternal Servitude
Obsidian Statue Devour Mind
Archbishop Benedictus Embrace Darkness
Shadow Essence
Shadowreaper Anduin

Rogue cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Plague Scientist Leeching Poison Shadowblade
Bone Baron Roll the Bones
Runeforge Haunter Doomerang
Spectral Pillager Valeera the Hollow
Lilian Voss

Shaman cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Brrrloc Ice Fishing Ice Breaker
Drakkari Defender Avalanche
Voodoo Hexxer Cryostasis
Snowfury Giant Thrall, Deathseer

Warlock cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Sanguine Reveler Drain Soul
Howlfiend Defile
Despicable Dreadlord Unwilling Sacrifice
Gnomeferatu Bloodreaver Gul’dan
Blood-Queen Lana’thel Treachery

Warrior cards – Frozen Throne

Minions Spells Weapons
Animated Berserker Forge of Souls Blood Razor
Mountainfire Armor Bring It On!
Val’kyr Soulclaimer Dead Man’s Hand
Death Revnant Scourgelord Garrosh

Since the official reveal, we’ve had some clarifications on how some of these new cards will work:

  • Hero cards will be available to draft in Arena.
  • Hero cards are not classified as spell cards and so cannot be blocked with cards like Counterspell.
  • Any class in Hearthstone can make use of any Hero card although we imagine synergies will be sub-optimal as a result.
  • All Hero cards will grant you five points of Armor when put into play.

Here are a few extra clarifications regarding Deathstalker Rexxar in particular:

  • Any Beast you played earlier on that cost more than 5 Mana will not form part of the Discovery process, as this would lead to a minion that cost more than 10 Mana.
  • You have an equal chance of getting a Neutral or Hunter Beast class of card to choose from.
  • Note that you only receive the bonus text from the first Beast you choose. For the second you just get the bonus stats.

Frozen Throne: New heroes

The rumour mill had it that we’d be getting a brand new and original hero for the summer expansion, but it turns out that every existing hero is receiving an undead makeover instead.

Hero Cards allow your regular hero of choice to turn into a Death Knight version of themselves. Your hero portrait and hero power is replaced, a certain Battlecry will be cast – different for each hero – and you’ll gain a big old dollop of armour as well.

Malfurion the Pestilent

The Druid’s Legendary Hero card is Malfurion the Pestilent. This is a 7 Mana spell which transforms your hero and also grants five points of Armor. You’ll also have to choose between summoning 2 Poisonous Spiders (with 1 / 2 of stats) or 2 Scarabs (with 1 / 5 stats) with Taunt.

Your new hero power is called Plague Lord. It costs 2 Mana, and allows you to either gain +3 Attack on the current turn, or 3 permanent points of Armor.

Deathstalker Rexxar

Deathstalker Rexxar is the first Death Knight hero to be revealed. It costs 6 Mana to play this card and when you do so you’ll dish out two points of damage to all enemy minions and gain five points of Armor as well. It is a Legendary quality card and it seems reasonable to assume that the other hero cards will also share this rarity.

Your Hunter hero power becomes Build-a-Beast. This starts a Discover process where you’ll need to piece together the stats of two former friendly minions. The resulting card is then added to your hand, ready to be played. The Mana costs of the resulting card have yet to be revealed.

Here’s a video of Deathstalker Rexxar actually being played – skip to around 0:50 to get to this hero. This should give you a much better idea of how the new hero type plays out!

Frost Lich Jaina

The Mage’s Legendary Hero card is called Frost Lich Jaina. She costs 6 Mana to play and has a Battelcry which summons a 3/6 Elemental on the board. This minions possessed the reworked – or renamed – Lifesteal mechanic. Every point of damage dished out by this creature will be returned to your hero as Health.

We don’t yet know what the new hero power is, but we’ll update this article as soon as we find out. We do know that – as with all new Hero cards – playing Frost Lich Jaina will also add 5 points of Armour to your resources.

Uther of the Ebon Blade

Paladin players get a new Legendary Hero card called Uther of the Ebon Blade. Once played for 9 Mana, you’ll gain 5 points of Armor and be transformed into this new hero. You’ll also gain a 5 / 3 weapon with Lifesteal, which restores any damage dealt as Health to the hero.

You also gain a new hero power called The Four Horsemen. When triggered for 2 Mana you’ll summon a 2 / 2 Horseman. Get all four of these characters into play and you’ll kill the enemy hero!

Shadowreaper Anduin

The Priest’s Hero card is Shadowreaper Anduin. It costs 8 Mana to cast and has a Battlecry which destroys every minion on the board that has 5 or more Attack. Note that this will apply to your own minions as well. You also get the 5 points of Armor that all Hero cards apply as well.

Once cast, your Priest’s hero power will switch to Voidform. This costs 2 Mana to cast, deals 2 damage to a target of your choosing, and actually refreshes once you play another card. Expect to see this card in Kazakus-themed decks.

Valeera the Hollow

The Rogue’s new Hero card is Valeera the Hollow. Once played, you’ll gain five points of Armor and gain Stealh for the rest of that turn. Note that although you can’t be targeted by spells or minions while in this state, you can still take indirect damage from, say, the Hunter’s hero power or Arcane Missiles.

The new hero power Death’s Shadow grants you a card called Shadow Reflection. While in your hand, Shadow Reflection will become a copy of the last card you played. Keep in mind though that if any cost-reduction effects have been applied to a card, the copy produced by Shadow Reflection will assume the base cost of that card – no multiple discounts here.

Here’s a look at Savjz’s reveal of Valeera the Hollow, which explains how the card works in greater detail:

Thrall, Deathseer

Shaman players get their own new Legendary Hero card of course, and in this case it’s Thrall, Deathseer. When you drop this five Mana spell onto the board you’ll get your five points of Armor as usual and your new hero arrives with a Battlecry that transforms your new minions into random minions that cost two extra Mana. It’s an Evolve thing, basically.

In addition to this, you’ll also get a new hero power called Transmute Spirit. For two Mana this allows you to transform a friendly minion into a random one that costs an extra Mana more. Expect Evolve Shaman to be a big thing in Knights of the Frozen Throne, in other words.

Bloodreaver Gul’dan

The Warlock’s Hero card is Bloodreaver Gul’dan. When you play this 10 Mana spell, a Battlecry effect will re-summon all friendly minions that died during the game.

Siphon Life is your new hero power, and it does 3 damage for 2 Mana with the Lifesteal effect too.

Frozen Throne: Lifesteal

A new keyword is coming to the game called Lifesteal, although note that it does closely resemble the existing damage-to-healing effect in Hearthstone. Put simply, when damage from a Lifesteal card is dished out, the same value of health will be returned to your hero.

Frozen Throne: Missions

Blizzard actually retired Hearthstone’s single player Adventures for the start of the Year of the Kraken. They’re making a comeback in Knights of the Frozen Throne though, but it’s not yet known whether they’re being officially referred to as Missions or Adventures – Blizzard flits between the two.

Here’s everything we do know about this new single-player content:

  • There will be a total of eight Missions to enjoy, spread across three wings.
  • The Missions are all set within the Icecrown Citadel.
  • The final boss is the Lich King himself!
  • The Lich King will adapt his strategy and tactics depending on the hero you’re using.
  • You’ll receive a pack of Frozen Throne cards for completing each wing.
  • Beat the Lich King and you’ll be rewarded with a random Legendary Hero Card!

Head over to our growing Icecrown Citadel Mission guide hub for all of the latest information on this exciting new single-player content for Hearthstone.

Frozen Throne: Gameboard

As you’d expect by now, there’ll be a new Knights of the Frozen Throne gameboard to play around on. There’s no video version yet, so we can’t really guess at the secrets that might be contained within it, but here’s a snapshot of how it looks at least:

Frozen Throne: Cinematic

A cinematic for Knights of the Frozen Throne was also released at the big reveal event. You can watch it right here:

Frozen Throne: Wallpapers

Fancy giving your desktop a frosty makeover? Here are some wallpapers based on the biggest official artwork we could find.

Frozen Throne: Pre-Order card back

If you pre-order the 50 pack bundle of cards for $49.99 (US) or £44.99 (UK), then you’ll unlock the special Frostmourne card back. Use the links in our Amazon Coins guide and you should be able to both get the packs for cheaper, while also supporting the site through Amazon’s affiliate programme.

Note that you won’t actually be able to use the Frostmourne card back until much closer to the expansion – don’t be surprised if you can’t find it in your collection straight away after pre-ordering!

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