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Hearthstone hotfix nerfs Discover and random card generation


Renewable no more.

Hearthstone’s latest hotfix patch, 18.0.1, has made some subtle-yet-meaningful changes that’ll impact how the game is played, particularly combo and control decks.

The most significant change is that cards with the Discover ability can now no longer Discover themselves. This means you can’t just keep getting copies on copies of the same cards. This hasn’t been a massively high-profile problem for Hearthstone, but some fans have taken notice, and generally see this as a positive change.

Hearthstone stat masters HSReplay even claimed that the card Renew led to players choosing an extra copy of it most of the time it was offered, because it’s essentially a reroll with no loss of card advantage.


The devs commented on the change, ‘Overall, this change is aimed at helping games feel a bit more varied. While generating the same card can be an exciting individual moment, these types of experiences tend to have diminishing returns after a while. These adjustments should make for healthier games against classes with a ton of resource generation.’

This change will hopefully hinder classes like Priest with a lot of card-generating effects from never running out of resources, as coming up against a deck that just constantly has answers is seen as pretty bad for the game as a whole.

Designer Alec Dawson also mentioned in a Tweet that the dev team will keep an eye on card generation for the future – hopefully we see more positive changes like this in Hearthstone!


The hotfix made a couple of smaller changes too – Mr. Bigglesworth is now available to play in Battlegrounds for all players, and some fixes were made to bugs involving Headmaster Kel’Thuzad and Jandice Barov. Full info can be found on the Reddit post.

We have some nice guides on Hearthstone for the latest expansion if you’re interested! Check out our Scholomance Academy deck tier list, as well as the best budget decks for those of us without quite as much dust to go around!

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