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Hearthstone deck guide: Trump’s HTC Malylock – Hearthstone


Playing the last of Trump's tournament-topping decks.

Last weekend, everyone’s favourite streamer Trump lifted the HTC Recharged trophy with a handful of solidly dependable decks. One of these was the so-called Malylock deck, which combines the aggressive card-drawing approach of a Handlock with the kind of devastating spell-power afforded by its signature card, Malygos.

In the first of today’s deck spotlights, we’re going to walk you through the basics of getting started with this meta-meddling deck.

Trump’s HTC Malylock strategy guide

The main order of business with the Malylock deck is to rummage aggressively through your deck to add as many spells as possible to your hand, and the tools you need control the early to mid-game. In this way, you’ll find yourself using Life Tap a lot, just as you would while playing Handlock.

While you’re drawing all of your powerful cards, you also want to control the board as much as possible. That means that it’s OK to use cards like Darkbomb on a minion, even if you’d rather throw it at your opponent’s face with Malygos out on the board! Likewise, Blackwing Corruptor will more often than not be used to pick a minion off the board.

The ideal situation is to reach a point in the game where you have some kind of control over the board, you have Malylock and some powerful spells in your hand, and are then in a position to drop Emperor Thaurissan onto the board. This will reduce the cost of Malygos to a degree where it can be played with at least one of your other deadly spells.

Trump’s HTC Malylock Mulligan guide

While there’s quite a bit of thinking to be done at every stage with this deck, sorting out your Mulligan isn’t actually all that difficult at all. In the first instance, look for cards that are helpful against all opponents: Darkbomb, Imp Gang Boss, Twilight Drake and Zombie Chow.

Against the likes of Rogue and Warrior, who are going to be using their weapons to devastating effect in the current metagame, keep Acidic Swamp Ooze if you draw it. Hang onto Mortal Coil as well if you’re playing against aggro decks where you can punish them for fielding one of the popular one-health minions.

Trump’s HTC Malylock card combos and deck synergies

If you’ve not played a lot of Malylock to date, try and wrap your head around the following key card synergies before heading into battle:

Blackwing Corruptor‘s bonus points of damage are enabled by any Dragon that’s currently in your hand. Think carefully before you play out your turn!

Malygos will boost any spell you play by five points of damage, as long as the creature is out on the board when the spell is cast.

Azure Drake can be used to boost up even your humblest of spells to do something a little more meaningful on the board. Be prepared to see your Dragon removed on the next turn though.

– You can use Abusive Sergeant to fatten up an enemy minion and bring it within range of Big Game Hunter.

– Tuck Emperor Thaurissan behind a Sludge Belcher on the turn after if at all possible. Getting two strikes off his reduction effect can completely wreck your opponent’s chances of winning.

More of Trump’s tournament-winning decks:

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