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How to Footstool in Smash Ultimate


Our guide to stomping your enemies back down to earth.

Footstooling is a key method with which you’ll gain an extra option for edgeguarding and mixing up your evasion.

How do I Footstool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

It’s a pretty basic strategy, but one not used particularly frequently by beginners and intermediate players.

All you need to do in order to footstool a foe is press the Jump button as you’re directly above their head. Below you can see Little Mac executing a footstool on an airborne Olimar, forcing him into a tumble animation, which can be teched if the footstooled player reacts fast enough.

One of the primary uses of footstooling in Smash Ultimate is for edgeguards. If you’re directly above your enemy, you can interrupt a lot of recoveries by footstooling them, forcing them into a downwards trajectory and often leading to early kills, especially if the enemy has already used their double jump.

Meta of Smash have a short explainer on footstool edgeguards, and we’ve put it below to help you out.

You can also footstool off of a grounded opponent, which forces them into a few frames of immobility whilst the footstool is taking place. With some characters, like Falco, this can be used for combos after a parry using his Fire Bird attack. It’s an advanced technique though, so you’ll have to spend a bit of time in training mode perfecting the timings

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Phantom Footstool Farming

Another use that’s potentially going to see more exploration in the future is footstooling to avoid attacks from enemies. GimR of VGBootCamp released an explanation of this technique, citing Smash Ultimate’s move buffering system and the 4 frames of intangibility afforded by footstooling as reasons this method works.

The basic idea here is that you use your double jump, and against certain characters without disjointed hitboxes, you spam the Jump button and are then able to footstool off of them without getting hit.

You then avoid the hitbox using the intangibility frames, before jumping out of range of the hitbox before it damages you.

This technique is a very advanced one, and hasn’t been explored on the pro scene quite as much as it potentially could be, but check out GimR’s video below if you want to know more about this strategy.

That’s all for our footstooling guide! We have loads more Smash Ultimate tips and tricks for you though, including the best way to configure your controls as well as guides on Directional Influence and Smash Directional Influence.

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