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Best Control Setup for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Tap Jump Off.

Key to succeeding in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is working out the perfect controller settings. The default won’t work for everyone, so here’s our recommendations.

By default, several issues exist within Smash Ultimate’s control setup. High level players tend to have certain schemes that work for them, but if some controls feel better for you, don’t be afraid to tailor things to your own preferences.

What is the optimal control setup for Smash Ultimate?

There are two main controllers people use for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some prefer the Gamecube controller, whilst others use the Switch’s Pro Controller. There’s no inherent advantage to either, but it’s worth knowing most top professional players prefer the Gamecube controller.

Best Gamecube Controller Setup

For your Gamecube controller, you’ll want to make a few changes to the default. Something important to emphasise is turning off Stick Jump, found under ‘Other Settings’. Stick Jump can mess up your inputs, forcing you to jump when you’re trying to input Up Smash or Up B, and it’s almost always best turned off and having Jump bound elsewhere.

Speaking of which, binding Jump to the L button is a great way to optimise your button presses, letting you instantly jump and hit an attack button, which is a bit tougher when Jump is only bound to Y.

The X button being used for Special attacks is here for a similar reason – if you use Y to jump, it’s worth having a Special button close by, rather than having to move your thumb to B every time you want to jump into an aerial. It just gives you that extra option for how you input your attacks.

Finally, changing the C Stick from Smash Attack to Tilt Attack is almost always the ideal option, as it’s far easier to input a Smash Attack through other means than a Tilt Attack. You’ll usually be using Tilts more often than Smash Attacks anyway, unless you’re an Olimar main or something.

Mapping Smash Attacks to a simultaneous press of B+A is also a solid option, as it allows you to fast fall into a Smash Attack without having to move the left stick intricately.

Here’s how our Gamecube Controller setup screen looks.

Best Pro Controller Setup

Our best Pro Controller setup is done for pretty much the same reason as the Gamecube controller. The Right stick is set to Tilts, whilst jump is bound to the L button. It’ll take some getting used to though, and you need to make sure you’re not accidentally using L to Grab.

Stick Jump is off again, and Rumble is based entirely on personal preference – some feel it is a distraction, whilst others enjoy the extra feedback given to the player.

Here’s how our Pro Controller configuration looks.

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Stick Sensitivity – What does it mean?

It’s worth knowing what Stick Sensitivity refers to in the ‘Other Settings’ menu. Basically, it alters how easy it is to input Tilt and Smash attacks with the left stick.

When Stick Sensitivity is on Low, it’s easier to perform Tilts by pressing the stick in a direction and hitting A, whilst on High you’ll find it easier to perform a Smash attack. We tend to prefer this setting on Normal or High, because we enjoy having the C stick/Right stick bound to Tilt attacks, and Smashes can then be pulled off more reliably.

It’s all very based in personal preference though, so give it a try to see which version feels best for you.

That’s all for our Control Configuration guide! Go have a look at more of our Smash Ultimate guides though – we can help you out with wall jumping, Footstooling enemies and Teching, as well as a whole host of other intermediate to advanced techniques you’ll want to master in order to improve.

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