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Legends of Runeterra: Best Champions for Expeditions


Here's our pick of the best champions to draft in Expeditions.

Our Legends of Runeterra Best Champions page contains a list of the best champions to pick out at the start of your Expeditions runs.

Champion cards in Legends of Runeterra are some of the strongest in the game, boasting unique abilities, strong stats and special interactions. They’re essentially the equivalent of Legendary cards in Hearthstone, so while expensive, you’ll typically build a deck around them.

Of course, some champions are better than others. The very best champions can completely change a game, or suffocate an opponent throughout a match, so much so, they simply won’t be able to take control of the board – ever.

To help you get a gist of the best champion cards in Legends of Runeterra, we’ve put together a list of those we’ve found to be the strongest right now. As time goes by, we’ll update this guide as things change – stay tuned.

Best Champions in Legends of Runeterra

Here’s a quick roundup of the champions we consider to be particularly strong right now:


Despite her nerf after the game’s preview patches, Anivia continues to hold her own. She is now able to block enemy attackers, offering the opportunity to avoid incoming Nexus damage. She regenerates from egg form when you’re at 10 mana as well, so if you do use her as a wall and the egg survives to the end of the round, you’ll be able to attack with Anivia on your turn.

Her blanket 1 damage (or 2 if she’s levelled up) is a constant threat to your opponent, and often they’ll just run out of resources to deal with this irritating, sticky Champion. This is especially true if you’ve got yourself a lot of Frostbite cards to stall your enemy out.

Get Anivia on board, and once Enlightened, you’ll be extremely difficult to stop. The only struggle is getting to the late game against aggression.


For those just starting out, we’ve found Braum to be a brilliant champion. Drop him on the board and his job is to soak up damage, level up, and begin spawning 3/3 Mighty Poros every time he survives damage. What makes him so frustrating to play against is his large health total, as well as his Challenger and Regeneration abilities. These mean he can select which targets he takes damage from when attacking, and he’ll regenerate back to maximum health at the end of your round.

If you’ve got a spell which buffs a damage minion, Braum makes the perfect target as you’ll then have a beefy Challenger unit for incredible board control. And, if he’s levelled up, you’ll get a free Mighty Poro too.

Manage to get Braum on the board early and he’ll put your opponent under a constantly-increasing pressure, as well as the potential to level up and overwhelm your opponents too.


Initially, Elise isn’t that strong. Her stats don’t hit hard, and attacking with her can be quite risky. However, it’s her level up condition, as well as levelled up form, which make her so potent.

If you’ve got a deck centered around Elise, it’s all about slapping three Spiderlings on the board as safely as you can. Once you’ve managed this, she’ll level up, greatly increasing her effectiveness. Not only will she gain increased stats, she’ll grant any Spiderlings currently on the board – or summoned – Fearsome and Challenger.

So, if you manage to get a board of Spiderlings with these abilities, they might not do a tonne of damage, but they’ll be perfect for blocking incoming damage and chipping away at health bars – often there’s simply too many for the opponent to block!


We’ve found mixed success with Zed, but if you can make it work, he can be very difficult to counter. If you’re going to play him, we’d highly recommend buffing him in hand to give him some added survivability. Otherwise, you’ll likely pop him on the board and he’ll get shot down instantly by a Mystic Shot.

Zed has Quick Attack and he also summons an Ephemeral Living Shadow with his stats whenever he attacks. Both these abilities make him difficult to block, and if an enemy commits to it, they’ll likely spend some big resources doing so. He’s strong when paired with Hecarim as their abilities combine to summon plenty of strong Ephemeral units.


Katarina is a great aggressive option for your decks. Her Quick Attack ability and Recall when she strikes means she’s hard to get rid of without Challenger or spells, and once she’s Recalled, she levels up. After this, you can play her from hand every turn for 4 mana and Rally, letting you attack many more times than you otherwise would’ve been able to.

For this reason, Katarina synergises well with other Champions who benefit from attacking often. Fiora, Braum, and Draven all work brilliantly with this Rally strategy, as you’re able to reap their various bonuses more times than you’re supposed to be able to. If Katarina survives and upgrades, your opponent will often be unable to stop you constantly attacking. Remember – Katarina doesn’t take damage, even if she fails to kill the enemy she’s striking – the Recall effect triggers first.


Karma is the ultimate value card. If you can keep her alive, you’ll be generating a spell every single turn. The best value you can get from her is when you become Enlightened – when you hit 10 mana gems. At this point, Karma levels up and all spells you cast are doubled up. Some insane combos can be pulled off from here. Combined with an upgraded Ezreal, she can deal immediate damage to the enemy Nexus with a bunch of cheap spells like Mushroom Cloud.

You can also duplicate her with spells like Dawn and Dusk, before playing a Decimate and having it cast six bloody times.

Basically, Karma is a strong combo Champion, and you’ll be able to pull off extremely powerful and game-winning turns if you can make it through the early periods of the match.


Heimerdinger’s all about casting spells and reaping the rewards. Every time you cast a spell, he’ll create a 0-cost Fleeting Turret in hand with equal cost. To level him up, you’ll need to lay down 12+ Power of turrets on the board. Manage this and he’ll gain a slight boost in stats, and any turrets he creates will also be buffed by +1/+1 – lovely.

While he’s easy to clear off the board, lay him down at the right time, begin casting spells and you can overwhelm opponents with your turrets.

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Hecarim’s a 6 mana, 4/6 with Overwhelm and a unique ability which summons 2 attacking Ephemeral Spectral Riders (3/2). Once he’s attacked with 8+ Ephemeral allies, he’ll level up, gaining a slight boost in stats, as well as granting Ephemeral allies a +2/+0 buff.

We really rate Hecarim, as he’s difficult to clear off the board and his Ephemeral allies can be a real pain to deal with if you’re on the opposing side. Pair him with the likes of Kalista, or Zed (who also summons an Ephemeral ally when attacking) and your damage phase can be devastating.

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