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Legends of Runeterra Decks – Best Rising Tides Decks (April 2020)


You'll be off to a flying start with these builds.

The first expansion of Legends of Runeterra, Rising Tides, is here, and we’ve rounded up all the best decks to play right now.

On this page we’ve gathered a number of the best deck builds in Riot Games’ venture into the realm of card games, Legends of Runeterra. We’ve spent many, many hours in the game, experimenting with plenty of the community’s best creations to see which stand out from the rest.

When scanning through our collection of deck builds, it’s worth bearing in mind that the meta’s constantly in flux, so a large number of them may change drastically over the next few days.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment! Sure, the decks below are strong as is, but they may not suit your playstyle or you might prefer one card over another. If so, tinker with it and you may come up with a more effective spin on an existing build. Many of them aren’t perfect, so you could be the person to make them perform even better.

As the full release of Legends of Runeterra brings about new players and new developments, we’ll make sure to update this page with all the latest and greatest decks. So keep this article bookmarked if you want to stay up informed on the best decks in Legends of Runeterra!

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks

Players have been experimenting with many decks and have come up with some interesting ideas. We’ve also been toying around with a few ourselves to try and discover some strong synergies. To give you a better idea of what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve picked out decks in the Control, Midrange, Aggro and Combo archetypes for you to try out, and we’ll be aim to update this section as and when Riot makes some updates.

Rising Tides Best Decks

We’ve got some new decks available for the Rising Tides expansion and launch of Legends of Runeterra – check them out below! We’ll be updating the tier list as and when we can.

Use this nav bar to jump straight to the deck build you’re after!

Combo – Rivershaper Fiora

This isn’t the easiest deck to pilot, but it’s certainly one of the most fun, and rewarding if you get it right. It centers around buffing and protecting Rivershaper, Fiora, or both, and either fulfilling Fiora’s win condition or delivering one massive swing to shatter your opponent’s Nexus.

We’ve put together a Rivershaper Fiora deck guide to help you wrap your head around this complex build.

Demacia Ionia
2 x Single Combat 1 x Health Potion
2 x Brightsteel Protector 3 x Shadow Assassin
3 x Stand Alone 3 x Rivershaper
3 x Fiora 2 x Twin Disciplines
2 x Riposte 3 x Deny
3 x Laurent Bladekeeper 3 x Kinkou Lifeblade
1 x Redoubled Valor 3 x Spirit’s Refuge
2 x Judgment 3 x Will of Ionia
1 x Karma

With this deck, you’ll need to mulligan well and know which strategy you’re aiming for right from the beginning. Drawing Fiora means you’ll want to aim for her win condition, but don’t draw her and you’ll need to adapt on the fly. Either it’s a case of buffing your elusive unit, or even better, your Rivershaper.

Throughout each match, you’ll use spells like Spirit’s Refuge and Riposte to keep your units alive and on the counterattack. Rivershaper will help you draw spells, and if you can get a Karma on the board – even better.

As your one or two units beef up, Redoubled Valor can transform them into an untouchable menace, but you’ll need to watch out for kill spells or board clears. However, you’ll have the likes of Will of Ionia to stall the enemy when they least expect it, as well as a Deny in hand to prevent any trump cards.

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


Aggro – Swim’s Dawnspiders 2.0

Easily one of the strongest decks in Legends of Runeterra right now, Swim’s Dawnspiders combines the buffing power of Dawnspeakers, with the overwhelm potential of spiders and big Shadow Isles boys.

If you want to get to grips with this deck, our Dawnspiders guide has you covered.

Shadow Isles Demacia
2 x Mark of the Isles 2 x Fleetfeather Tracker
1 x Black Spear 1 x Purify
3 x Mistwraith 1 x Laurent Protege
3 x Arachnoid Horror 2 x Vanguard Redeemer
3 x Elise 2 x Dawnspeakers
3 x Glimpse Beyond 2 x Back to Back
3 x Vile Feast
3 x Frenzied Skitterer
3 x Wraithcaller
1 x Thresh
1 x The Rekindler
1 x Hecarim
1 x Rhasa the Sunderer

With this deck, you’re looking to get low cost, strong units on the board early. Your Fearsome units like Arachnoid Horror, alongside Frenzied Skitterer can help you gain control immediately and hit face for some surprisingly big damage. Elise can transform your side into a truly oppressive collection of spiders, to the point where you can finish the enemy off within a few turns if things go swimmingly.

Spells like Vile Feast, Glimpse Beyond and Purify will help with draw and control, plus, you’ve got the likes of Back to Back or Mark of the Isles to push for lethal. As you move through the midgame, Hecarim’s another face damage menace, while Thresh can level from all your ephemeral units dying off, as well as challenge anyone who gets in the way.

The Rekindler’s great to slap down to revive your important units, and Rhasa the Sunderer can swing momentum in your favour if played out at the opportune time.

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


Aggro – Zed Elites

If you’re after a simple deck which’ll nab you some quick victories, this is the one for you. It combines Demacia’s unit buffs with Zed‘s Nexus pressure for a deck that’s pretty oppressive to play against.

To get a better idea of how to pilot this fast, shadowy deck, head on over to our Zed Elite deck list guide.

Demacia Ionia
3 x Cithria of Cloudfield 2 x Deny
3 x Fleetfeather Tracker 3 x Zed
1 x Radiant Strike
3 x Battlesmith
3 x Vanguard Defender
3 x Dawnspeakers
2 x Laurent Protege
3 x Vanguard Redeemer
2 x Vanguard Sergeant
3 x Silverwing Vanguard
3 x Vanguard Bannerman
3 x Vanguard Squire
3 x Back to Back

Ideally you’ll want a Cithria of Cloudfield, as well as Fleetfeather Tracker to kick things off and get some early damage on the board. Battlesmith will also give you an edge, and combine this buff with your Vanguard Defender and you’ve got a very tough lineup to deal with.

If possible, get your Dawnspeakers on the board early as it goes nicely with Zed‘s Living Shadow which will die off every time it attacks no matter what. Once you’ve reached the midgame it’s all about slapping more bulky Elites on the board, buffing them up and keeping up the offensive.

Enter the lategame and you’ll want to look for Vanguard Sergeant and the For Demacia! spell he’ll generate which’ll act as a decent final push. Back to Back can also give your units lethal potential, so make sure you save one!

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


Aggro – Pokrovac’s Discard Draven

Alright, we admit it, we do love a bit of Pokrovac. But there’s a reason – he did reach Master, and this deck isn’t only good fun, it’s very strong too.

You have to play insanely aggressive to get the most from this deck, but do so and you’ll beat your opponents without them ever really ramping up at all. It works by discarding your hand, but drawing a lot too. This way you’re playing out big cards, but always cycling through your deck looking for the next beefy play.

For an in-depth overview of this deck, make sure you head on over to our Discard Aggro Draven deck list guide.

Noxus Piltover and Zaun
2 x Legion Rearguard 2 x Rummage
2 x Rummage 3 x Jury-Rig
2 x Draven’s Biggest Fan 2 x Sump Dredger
2 x Blade’s Edge 1 x Scrapdash Assembly
2 x Trifarian Gloryseeker 2 x Mystic Shot
2 x Legion Grenadier 3 x Flame Chompers!
3 x Chump Whump 2 x Academy Prodigy
1 x Reckless Trifarian 3 x Get Excited!
2 x Draven 3 x Jinx
1 x Culling Strike 2 x Chempunk Shredder
1 x Darius 2 x Augmented Experimenter

Right off the bat you’ll want to push for face damage. Draven’s Biggest Fan is a great early play and will ensure you can slap Draven down as soon as possible. Reckless Trifarian and Sump Dredger are also tough for the enemy to deal with early on, so don’t be afraid to discard to get the old Dredger on board.

Throughout, you’ll want to cycle through your deck, playing out Jinx if you find her, then it’s a case of emptying your hand in the most optimal way. It’s important you don’t just use Rummage and Augmented Experimenter as soon as you see them, but play out the cards you really don’t want to chuck away before hand. Some cards even benefit from being discarded like Flame Chompers – which are also incredible by the way. Definitely use them to sneak in some extra face damage!

Be wary of blocking with your units, as you may want to keep them on board for your attacking turn. Draven and Jinx both have Quick Attack meaning they’ll get their damage off first and will be far more potent when attacking, not defending. Darius is a great finishing tool, and you’ll ideally want him on board alongside a Jinx or Draven to pile on the pressure.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Aggro – Pokrovac’s Elise Spider

Pokrovac was the first player to hit Master rank and this was the deck he accomplished this feat with. It’s focused on taking down your enemy as quickly as possible by flooding the board with spiders and sapping their health total before they have a chance to respond.

If you’re after an in-dpeth primer on how to pilot this deck, our Elise Spider Aggro deck list guide has you covered.

Shadow Isles Noxus
3 x Hapless Aristocrat 2 x Legion Rearguard
3 x Arachnoid Horror 3 x Precious Pet
2 x Black Spear 3 x Brothers’ Bond
3 x Elise 3 x House Spider
1 x Glimpse Beyond 2 x Culling Strike
3 x Vile Feast 1 x Might
3 x Frenzied Skitterer 2 x Crowd Favorite
2 x Rhasa the Sunderer 3 x Darius
1 x Commander Ledros

With this deck you’re looking to hit the enemy Nexus as much as possible, but this means you’ll need to take some risks. Sometimes, in order to keep your units alive, you’ll need to let your enemy’s minions slip past your defenses and hit face. This way you can level up your Elise and retaliate with a plentiful supply of spiders.

Even if you don’t draw Elise early, keep building your side of the board and drop a Crowd Favourite in there. Frenzied Skitterer also works nicely as a blanket buff and it’ll lower the attack of enemy units, letting you deal even more damage.

Darius’ Overwhelm may be the ticket to lethal damage, and if not, then Rhasa the Sunderer can remove any sticky enemy minions for a ridiculously low cost. Commander Ledros is also a bonkers card – he halves the enemy’s health when played and is returned to your hand when killed; utter madness. With this in mind, you can slap him on the board repeatedly and he’ll do all the hard work for you.

Spell wise, Might grants a friendly unit Overwhelm, which could be the push that tips one of your units into lethal damage territory. Brother’s Bond also buffs two friendly units’ attack, potentially leading to a lovely 4 extra damage.

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


Control (Cheap) – Commander Ledros x Rhasa the Sunderer

This deck wouldn’t look out of place on our Best Budget Decks page. It’s only got Common and Rares, except for the five Epics the deck is built around. You’ll need a copy of Commander Ledros, one The Ruination, and three versions of Rhasa the Sunderer, and the rest is cheap as chips.

Shadow Isles Freljord
3 x Hapless Aristocrat 3 x Avarosan Sentry
3 x Warden’s Prey 3 x Icevale Archer
3 x Black Spear 3 x Avalanche
3 x Glimpse Beyond 3 x Babbling Bjerg
3 x Vile Feast 3 x Harsh Winds
1 x Scribe of Sorrows
2 x Grasp of the Undying
3 x Rhasa the Sunderer
2 x Vengeance
1 x Commander Ledros
1 x The Ruination

Legends of Runeterra lets you play in a fair few ways. This is a cheap version of a control deck, and since it doesn’t use any Champions, you don’t need to break the bank to make it happen. Your gameplan is pretty simple – play out your early game until your big threats can make their appearence. Hapless Aristocrat and Avarosan Sentry will help you big time as you look for your late game, whilst Icevale Archer is a solid extra stall against big enemy boards. Use Avalanche when your enemy threatens big damage, especially if you can pull off an entire board clear, and Grasp of the Undying should be cast on enemies before they can be buffed.

Once you’ve got a bit later in the game, you should be drawing into the likes of Rhasa the Sunderer. Babbling Bjerg can help you ensure the draw. Now, you can kill the two weakest enemy units on play, as long as you’ve had a friendly unit die on the same turn. This, coupled with Vengeance, can scupper the enemy’s plans and force them to run out of fuel, at which point Commander Ledros can be played and replayed constantly to whittle the enemy health down. He’ll even finish the enemy off if their Nexus is on 1 Health – the damage he does rounds up on odd numbers.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Aggro – Swim’s Great White Sharks

Swim’s deck is for aggro lovers who want to snowball out of control and end game early. There’s one big downside, and this comes about if things don’t go your way. Run out of steam and it’s likely the enemy will turn the tables on you. However! Don’t let this put you off. Secure the mulligan, and get the combos right, and you’ll be very difficult to deal with.

Shadow Isles Demacia
2 x Fading Memories 3 x Fleetfeather Tracker
2 x Ravenous Butcher 3 x Lucian
2 x Stirred Spirits 3 x Vanguard Redeemer
3 x Cursed Keeper 2 x Back to Back
3 x Glimpse Beyond 3 x Remembrance
3 x Haunted Relic
3 x Shark Chariot
2 x Soul Shepherd
1 x Black Spear
2 x Phantom Prankster
3 x Hecarim

Mulligan is important with this deck. You’ll want to look for Remembrance and any 2 mana cost cards – the latter shouldn’t be too tricky. It’s then a case of laying out your board with plenty of disposable units, hitting face, trading when possible and hopefully having your Lucian witness it all.

Make sure you position Lucian on the right side of your bench, so he’ll level during combat. The aim is to secure his levelled up ability, drop a Hecarim on the board and place even more pressure on your opponent with the horseman’s Ephemeral units.

It’s easy to rush your turn with an aggro deck, but do take time to consider the best combo or trade. Especially when you’ve got your Challenger or Last Breath units on the board.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Control – Warmother Control

This deck, created by streamer Hewitt Benson, combines the Regions of the Shadow Isles and Freljord. The Shadow Isles is able to provide powerful removal for your enemy’s units, whilst Freljord offers big units to force your opponent to make suboptimal plays.

Freljord Shadow Isles
3 x Avarosan Sentry 3 x Vile Feast
3 x Wyrding Stones 2 x Withering Wail
3 x Avalanche 3 x Grasp of the Undying
3 x Catalyst of Aeons 3 x Vengeance
3 x Avarosan Hearthguard 3 x The Ruination
3 x Anivia
3 x Tryndamere
3 x She Who Wanders
2 x Warmother’s Call

Warmother’s Call is a vital piece in this deck, allowing you to grind out extreme long-term value if you’re able to afford the 12 mana in the late game. The high cost you’ll have to sink into Warmother’s Call will pay dividends if you manage to get a bunch of copies of Tryndamere onto the board. Use the likes of Vile Feast early to get rid of enemy units, and Wyrding Stones to ramp your mana in order to get to your high-value cards faster. Later on in the game, Vengeance and The Ruination can be great catchup cards, able to save you before a more aggressive foe finishes you off, and after that your control gameplan can start choking out their remaining value.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Midrange – Tidesoftime’s Midrange Freljord

Tidesoftime came up with an enjoyable way to play Freljord’s powerful on-board cards, combining them with the Recall abilities of Ionia. This deck’s strength lies in its versatility. Unlike some Legends of Runeterra decks, you’re not necessarily completely screwed if you don’t draw your champions. Even so, you’ve got a fair few ways to ensure you draw your powerful cards, and we’d wholeheartedly recommend giving this one a go. It’s an easy deck to pick up too, so if you’re struggling with the more complex interactions in Legends of Runeterra, this is the way to go.

Freljord Ionia
3 x Omen Hawk 2 x Herald of Spring
3 x Avarosan Sentry 3 x Deny
3 x Stalking Wolf 1 x Scaled Snapper
3 x Braum 2 x Shadow Assassin
3 x Wyrding Stones 3 x Will of Ionia
3 x Avalanche 2 x Minah Swiftfoot
3 x Babbling Bjerg
3 x Avarosan Hearthguard
1 x Tryndamere
2 x She Who Wanders

In the game’s mulligan stage, you’ll want to be looking for a solid mana curve. Omen Hawk sets you up brilliantly for future plays, and Avarosan Sentry offers card cycle whilst trading favourably with stronger early units. Of course, getting Braum out on turn 3 is optimal, and you should always be trying to make that happen. Otherwise, Wyrding Stones offers a great deal of future value with its mana ramp, as well as a solid health total to block incoming damage from aggressors.

Try to level up your Braum when you can, absorbing damage from attackers and defenders alike with Challenger. He can really snowball if your enemy can’t deal with him, delivering a constant stream of Mighty Poros once he’s absorbed 10 damage and levelled up. The likes of Babbling Bjerg are great options for drawing out your big units, and Avarosan Hearthguard offers long-term value for every unit in your entire deck for the rest of the game. A Tryndamere with an extra +2/+2 is even scarier, and this buff sticks around once he’s levelled up.

Your late-game consists of a brutal amount of removal. She Who Wanders can clear enemies from both the board and their hand, but be warned: it obliterates your own units too. Minah Swiftfoot is more targeted, allowing you to remove 3 enemy units from the board and return them to their hand, whilst also offering a solid board presence, with a 6/5 statline. Will of Ionia is a quick Recall ability too, and don’t be afraid to use it when you’d otherwise be in the path of a big hit. Forcing your enemy to recall their expensive units is a great tempo play, and it’s one of many strong closing plays to seal victory against your opponent.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Midrange – Spell-Flux Zoo

This deck, designed by Hai_l10, combines the Shadow Isles’ excellent removal with Piltover and Zaun’s versatile gameplan. With early-game units like Clump of Whumps and the unit-summoning Scrapdash Assembly, you’ll be able to block too much damage from hitting your Nexus. From there, you’ve got a solid bit of late-game power to bring out.

Piltover and Zaun Shadow Isles
3 x Thermogenic Beam 3 x Vile Feast
2 x Scrapdash Assembly 2 x Glimpse Beyond
3 x Mystic Shot 1 x Black Spear
3 x Clump of Whumps 2 x Grasp of the Undying
3 x Ezreal 2 x Withering Wail
2 x Chump Whump 3 x Vengeance
2 x Statikk Shock
3 x Heimerdinger
3 x Trueshot Barrage
3 x Corina Veraza

Heimerdinger is an excellent win condition for this deck, as well as acting as a defensive tool. You’ve got the opportunity to save up your Mushroom Clouds, generated by cards like Clump of Whumps and Chump Whump, and use them with Heimerdinger in order to both deal damage by setting traps in your opponent’s deck as well as generate Turrets in your hand to protect your Nexus and go on the offensive.

Once you’ve levelled up Heimerdinger, you’ll be able to play upgraded Turrets too, which allows you to start putting pressure on your opponent. Remember, the Turrets generated by Heimerdinger every time you cast a spell are Fleeting, so you’ll need to play them as soon as you get them in your hand. Each level of Turret has a different keyword too, so make as good use of these as possible – against aggro it’s often best to get a whole bunch of 1/1 Wrenchbots, but when you’re the aggressor it might be better to get Quick Attack or Overwhelm Turrets.

Aside from Heimerdinger’s enormous value, this deck is able to use chip damage to whittle the enemy Nexus down, and burst damage to land the final blow. The aforementioned generators of Mushroom Clouds gives you some good consistency against control, and your area-of-effect and removal spells like Withering Wail and Grasp of the Undying help you put a stop to aggression. This deck has an answer to most things, and as long as you keep control of the board and keep in mind that your Heimerdinger Turrets will be discarded if not played immediately.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Combo – Yasuo OTK

This deck is based on one from v1ci0us, and offers a one-turn kill after controlling the game. We made a couple tiny tweaks to the original deck, in order to help get a bit more Recall synergy. Playing Katarina, with her self-recall as well as the fact that she can Ready your Attack at any time after upgrading, upgrades Yasuo, pressures the enemy into making poor plays, and gives you more time to set up your combo.

Ionia Noxus
2 x Ghost 1 x Guile
1 x Recall 2 x Death Lotus
1 x Rush 3 x Arachnoid Sentry
3 x Fae Bladetwirler 1 x Katarina
2 x Deny 2 x Noxian Guillotine
3 x Rivershaper 3 x Intimidating Roar
2 x Zed 2 x Legion General
3 x Yasuo 3 x Minotaur Reckoner
3 x Dawn and Dusk
3 x Yone, Windchaser

You’re going to want to play this deck as grindy and control-focused as possible. It’s difficult to handle your constant stun effects, especially when Yasuo is dealing damage each and every time. Once he gets upgraded, things start looking awful for your enemies, and you should be able to choke out the game effectively. Katarina’s self-recall helps with Yasuo’s upgrade, and Zed’s constant threat to the enemy Nexus forces them to use removal cards and units, wasting resources for the long run.

Once you get later on in the game, you’ll have been Stunning and Recalling enemies a whole lot. This’ll make your Legion General absolutely massive. The OTK combo relies on you having a buffed Legion General, and from there casting Ghost on it to give the unit Elusive. Cast Dawn and Dusk to create 2 Ephemeral copies of the unit, and then attack. As long as the enemy board isn’t full of Elusive minions (or a Deny in their hand), you’ve got a 12 mana turn for big damage. If you’ve had a Fae Bladetwirler alive for a while, you can kill the enemy with that as well, as Dawn and Dusk summons copies of the unit with the exact same stats and keywords. Make sure you don’t waste your combo pieces unless you desperately need to, and remember to only try playing the combo out when you’ve got an Attack Token.

Even without this combo, you can stifle the enemy and kill them on board. Minotaur Reckoner and Yone, Windchaser are extremely annoying to fight against, and Intimidating Roar can stop your foe in their tracks, potentially clearing them off completely with Yasuo. It’s this versatility that makes Yasuo such a pivotal Champion to keep alive – protect him at all costs.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Control – Teemo Shadow Isles

Teemo is an adorable little bugger who bloody loves a good mushroom. Unfortunately for your opponents, those mushrooms deal Nexus damage and kill you if you’re not careful. Basically, this deck focuses on getting Teemo to hit the enemy Nexus to shuffle Poisonous Puffcaps into your enemy’s deck. These function similarly to Bombs in Hearthstone. Teemo levels up when you’ve shuffled 15 Puffcaps into the enemy deck as well, and after that every Nexus attack he does doubles the number of mushrooms the enemy has to deal with. It can get out of hand really fast if your enemy doesn’t have the ability to deal with him (with Challenger, Elusive or direct-damage spells).

Shadow Isles Piltover and Zaun
2 x Black Spear 2 x Counterfeit Copies
2 x Mist’s Call 3 x Mushroom Cloud
3 x Scribe of Sorrows 3 x Teemo
3 x Splinter Soul 3 x Mystic Shot
2 x Grasp of the Undying 3 x Puffcap Peddler
3 x The Rekindler 2 x Chump Whump
2 x Rhasa the Sunderer 2 x Trueshot Barrage
3 x Vengeance
2 x The Ruination

Remember, Teemo doesn’t need to ‘see’ you plant 15 Poisonous Puffcaps. If you play him and you’ve got the mushrooms planted before, he’ll immediately upgrade. The rest of your deck is mostly from the Shadow Isles, and is extremely grindy and control-based. You’re trying to chip the enemy down with Puffcap damage (each of which deals 1 damage), but you can never know when exactly lethal damage will come about. This means you have to stay alive almost indefinitely while you constantly increase the enemy’s mushroom count. Kill enemies with Vengeance, The Ruination and Trueshot Barrage, bring back Teemo with The Rekindler, and keep those mushrooms shuffling with Puffcap Peddler and you might just stand a chance.

Remember, it’s not easy to pull off a Teemo combo, but when it does it’s extremely satisfying. Honestly, a lot of the time we found aggression just countered us too horribly, as you’ve got to get so many mushrooms in the deck to actually put your enemy at risk. Still, give it a go if you fancy a hilarious challenge.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Control – Heimerdinger Control

This deck’s all about controlling the board with your supply of spells, buffing Ezreal in the process, before playing out Heimerdinger and applying the pressure. It’s at this point you should start summoning plenty of bots, which should hopefully spiral into more and more chip damage. Once Ezreal is levelled, slap him on the board, play some spells and utilise his Mystic Shots for big face damage.

Our Heimerdinger Control guide has heaps of in-depth strategy advice to help you glean the most from this mech-oriented deck.

Piltover and Zaun Noxus
3 x Thermogenic Beam 3 x Blade’s Edge
3 x Rummage 1 x Death Lotus
3 x Clump of Whumps 3 x Culling Strike
3 x Mystic Shot 3 x Noxian Guillotine
2 x Ezreal 3 x Minotaur Reckoner
3 x Get Excited!
3 x Chump Whump
2 x Statikk Shock
3 x Heimerdinger
2 x Progress Day!

It’s not guaranteed you’ll get Heimerdinger early, so it’s important to prevent taking too much damage or you’ll likely never recover. With this in mind, use your spells efficiently to clear the board or take out particularly nasty targets.

As the game progresses, make sure you’re able to play Heimerdinger or Ezreal without any repercussions. Take into account the amount of mana the opponent has, and if they have any removal spells in hand – there’s nothing worse than slapping down your win condition and it getting eliminated within seconds.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


Aggro – Dog’s Aggro Kat

One of the top pro players in several card and strategy games, Dog, had a blast playing aggressive decks and stomping on opponents throughout the last preview patch. Here’s one of the decks he piloted to a great deal of success – you can see it in action on Twitch if you fancy as well.

Ionia Noxus
2 x Ghost 2 x Elixir of Wrath
3 x Navori Bladescout 1 x Draven’s Biggest Fan
3 x Inspiring Mentor 1 x Blade’s Edge
3 x Fae Bladetwirler 2 x Legion Rearguard
3 x Greenglade Duo 1 x Brothers’ Bond
3 x Navori Conspirator 1 x House Spider
1 x Zed 3 x Katarina
3 x Shadow Assassin 2 x Draven
3 x Deny 1 x Intimidating Roar
2 x Will of Ionia

The strategy for this deck is pretty simple: play aggressively. You want to slam down your early cards on curve to put pressure on as soon as possible, and once your Katarina, Zed and Draven can be summoned, get them hitting the enemy Nexus immediately. Once your Champions are levelled up, they’ll be dealing even more damage, and often you’ll have destroyed your opponent before they can even begin to respond. Topping off the deck are the likes of Intimidating Roar, which causes Stun on all enemies with 4 or less power. This can be the perfect finisher, as when an enemy is Stunned, they can’t block your attacks for a turn, meaning you’ll find it much easier to squeeze in that last bit of damage.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


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Combo – Barrier Fiora

This deck is also designed by Hewitt Benson, and utilises the popular Fiora win condition. Fiora’s Challenger ability lets her choose which enemy to fight on offensive turns, and her level up condition requires her to kill enemies. This means you’re able to pick out the most convenient foes to take out, minimising damage to Fiora herself. Get her levelled up twice with the barrier synergies this deck has, and you’ll win the game.

Ionia Demacia
3 x Greenglade Caretaker 3 x Fleetfeather Tracker
3 x Ki Guardian 3 x Brightsteel Protector
3 x Rivershaper 3 x Single Combat
3 x Shen 3 x Fiora
3 x Spirit’s Refuge 3 x Prismatic Barrier
3 x Yusari 3 x Riposte
3 x Laurent Chevalier
1 x Judgment

A solid strategy for playing this deck is to hard-mulligan for Champions. Shen can give Barrier to Fiora, protecting her upon attack, keeping her alive and helping her level up. Aside from this win condition, this deck contains a lot of other synergies, such as Greenglade Caretaker, which gains 2 attack whenever a friendly unit is given Barrier, offering the opportunity for a great deal of scaling. You’ll want to be hitting the board early and forcing your opponent to respond. Remember, you can win by destroying their Nexus as well as levelling up Fiora, so don’t forget to keep the pressure up. If your Greenglade Caretakers get sufficiently beefy, you’ll likely be able to start hitting the enemy for big chunks of damage, forcing them to use up their removal spells and units on non-Fiora targets. Judgment is a scary spell for your opponents to deal with too, since it allows a unit to deal its damage to every single enemy unit on the battlefield, potentially clearing them all off.

You can see Disguised Toast pilot a similar deck below for more details.

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


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