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Legends of Runeterra – Expeditions guide


How to access and play the newest Legends of Runeterra game mode.

Expeditions is a game mode in Legends of Runeterra. It’s a cross between Magic: The Gathering’s Sealed and Draft modes. This Runeterra Expeditions guide will tell you all you need to know about the mode.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

What is Legends of Runeterra Expeditions?

The titular Expeditions mode is a cross between Magic: The Gathering’s Sealed and Draft modes, according to a Reddit AMA from the developers. The drafting is carried out in a unique way, however.

When you jump into Expeditions, you’ll begin crafting your deck over the course of 15 rounds. You’ll get to pick two Champions, and build your buckets from there. Expect a hugely diverse meta in this mode, as different rounds offer you different kinds of card picks. A random assortment of Champions, Units and Spells is offered, and bundles are decided based on potential deck archetype. Of course, don’t let this stop you if you spot an off-the-wall synergy – that lateral thinking might just seal you a win or two.

There are two different types of pick in the draft: Synergy and Wild. Synergy picks take into account your previous choices and let you take cards that specifically work well with your existing deck. They’re still randomised, so you’re not going to get the perfect deck every time, but Synergy picks are certain to work at least somewhat well alongside your other picks. On the other hand, Wild picks let you pivot your direction, as well as forcing you to choose cards that might not be optimal but work well as a plan B. Maybe you find yourself needing more removal spells because your current archetypes don’t include them – Wild picks are the place to look.

Wild picks also allow you to choose cards from more than two regions, giving you the opportunity to create decks that’ll only ever be seen in Expeditions mode. As well as this, you can break the deck limit of three copies per card if you’re lucky and come across a whole bunch of powerful picks. Make sure you take advantage of this!

You’ll be picking up cards as you play too. After each match, a new batch of cards can be added to your deck. You can even add more Champions, so think carefully about what your current win conditions are and plan accordingly.

What are Trade Picks in Expeditions?

You’ll be given the opportunity to swap out your cards for better ones in the Trade pick phase. This allows you to get rid of cards you’ve found less useful and add in what you need, be it board clear spells, small units or anything in between.

How do I win in Expeditions mode?

For most of your Expedition, you can only be knocked out by losing two consecutive matches. This means you’re able to come back from the brink multiple times, as long as you learn from your mistakes. You’ll pick up extra cards, including another Champion on your journey, and once you’ve won 6 games, you’ll be at the final phase. For game 7, you’ve only got one single chance, so make sure your head’s in the game.

What are the rewards in Expeditions mode?

Every Expedition contains two Trials, meaning you can give things another go if your first time doesn’t go as planned. You’re rewarded based on which run through was more successful.

You won’t be able to keep hold of any cards drafted in Expeditions, but it is a way to earn rewards for your performance. Wildcards, specific cards, Capsules, Chests and Shards are all available in different quantities depending on your success. Regardless of how well you do, you’ll always get at least one Champion card, even if you crash and burn with 0 wins. You can have a look at our progression guide to find out more about how the unlock system works.

You can see below the reveal video for Expeditions mode.

How much does Expeditions mode cost?

You can play Expeditions mode using the various currencies the game has to offer. You’ll sometimes have free passes (Tokens) to use from rewards and special events. However, usually an Expedition will set you back 3000 Shards or 300 Gold. Getting 7 wins in an Expedition will give you enough Shards to buy another whole run, as well as the other rewards you gain on top.

How do I access Expeditions mode?

It’s easy! Just open Legends of Runeterra, navigate to the ‘Play’ tab on the left hand side of the screen, and click ‘Expeditions’. You’ll either need an expedition token, 300 coins (purchased with real money), or 3000 Shards (gained through progression).

Tips and Tricks for Expeditions

We’re all still getting to grips with Expeditions mode ourselves. Regardless, we’ve started putting together a few tips and tricks to help you draft some strong decks. Expect some big changes to this section as we get better at the mode ourselves – stay tuned!

  • When you first begin drafting up a deck, you’ll want to select your Champions very carefully. Ideally, they will have some form of synergy, or at least cover each others’ weaknesses.
  • We played against a player who synergised Karma and Heimerdinger, completely taking us by surprise. It wasn’t something you’d expect, but it worked really well. This shows it’s entirely possibly to craft a deck which can work wonders, even if you believe the card buckets you’ve been given aren’t optimal.
  • Once you’ve selected your Champions, make sure you pick cards which play around them. Ashe requires Frostbite to level up, so make sure you pick up some cards which Frostbite enemies to speed the process up and increase your deck’s power.
  • You don’t even need to mix up regions, sometimes it’s in your best interests to go down one route. We went up against a player who’d chosen purely Shadow Isles card buckets and they had tonnes of synergies which we simply couldn’t cope with. It also makes the drafting phase easier as you don’t really have to put much thought into what buckets you’re selecting.
  • If you’re new to the game, and Expeditions mode, we’d recommend going with Freljord or Demacia based decks. They don’t contain as many complex cards as some of the other regions, yet they’re easier to play and still provide strong, reliable ways to win games. We found great success with Ashe and her Frostbite keyword.
  • When you’re playing, keep an eye out for any cards which aren’t accomplishing anything, or simply feel a little out of place. Keep these in mind for the Trade Pick phase.
  • So, you’ve reached a Trade Pick. Make use of these! If there’s an opportunity to swap out a weak card for a stronger version, take it. However, don’t swap out a card for the sake of it. Make sure you’re always getting value from a swap!
  • Obviously it all depends on the type of deck you want to run, but generally it’s a good idea to find a decent balance between spells and minions. Also, don’t forget to take the occasional board clearing spell, or at least an execute of some kind, as these can come in clutch when your back’s against the wall.
  • It’s also worth considering the meta if you really want to rack up wins. Naturally, some Champions, spells, and cards will be stronger than others, so if you spot one and they synergise well with your build, then go for them!


During the drafting process, there’s currently a bug that sometimes removes one of your three bucket options. In order to get rid of this, click exit and re-enter the draft. Don’t worry – your progress is always saved. Unfortunately, you might have to do this multiple times during the draft.

There’s also another rare bug we’ve encountered, in which your game will freeze up. You’ll be able to hover over cards, and the timer will tick down – but eternally. If this happens, exit the game, and you should have the option to reconnect in the menu.

We’ve got plenty more Legends of Runeterra tips for you, so give our deck guides a look when you get the chance! From OTK combo decks to aggro shenanigans, there’s something for everyone, so it’s well worth giving a variety of decks a try.

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