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Pokemon Quest Recipes: A cooking guide with ingredients and effects


Every known recipe in the game, with their required ingredients and attraction effects.

Our Pokemon Quest cooking guide contains all known recipes, the ingredients required and the effect each one has on attracting new Pokemon.

Pokemon Quest is now available to download on your Nintendo Switch console, with iOS and Android clients to follow towards the end of next month.

One of the features included in the game is the Base Camp, a place where you can cook up all manner of items in order to attract certain Pokemon to take part in your future Expeditions.

To help you get to grips with this new system, we’re tracking down all of the currently known recipes in Pokemon Quest, a summary of all ingredients and the effect that each concoction has in the game.

We’re sourcing these from a number of different outlets as the community gets to grips with what’s available in the game. In the first instance, huge thanks to Redditor andrewmaxedon who’s been busy gathering together a list over there.

UPDATE #2 – We’ve now updated this guide with every single recipe available in Pokemon Quest. We’ve also added in some extra detail about the more opaque ingredients that feature in the system, and also added in an overview of how cooking actually works in the game.

How cooking works

The cooking process in Pokemon Quest is actually very simple. Here’s the lowdown on how it all works:

  • Why cook? Well, preparing different dishes will attract different types of Pokemon to your Base Camp. You can then build a stronger party and have a more flexible roster of characters to use in your teams.
  • In order to start the cooking process, simply head to the Base Camp section of the UI and then select the pot itself.
  • Next, drag a selection of the ingredients you’ve been gathering over from the right side to the left side of the cooking interface.
  • Each kind of recipe attracts a different kind of Pokemon to your Base Camp. See the recipes listed in this guide for a breakdown of what to cook up in order to catch a specific category of Pokemon.
  • Recipes take time to actually cook, and if you check the UI you’ll see a number above the pot which indicates the number of Expeditions you need to complete before the cooking process if finished.
  • As this is a free to play game, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that you can spend money to speed this process up. The currency involved is called PM Tickets and we’ve got a free PM Tickets page dedicated to helping you stock up on this currency without having to spend a fortune!
  • When the cooking process has been completed, you’ll be able to add your new Pokemon to your collection and get on with cooking up a new batch of food.


In this section you’ll find a list of every single recipe available in Pokemon Quest, the ingredients required, and what the outcome of the recipe will be in terms of attracted Pokemon.

Mulligan Stew a la Cube

Ingredients: Anything

Effect: Attracts Common Pokemon

Red Stew a la Cube

Ingredients: Red ingredients only

Effect: Attracts Red Pokemon

Blue Soda a la Cube

Ingredients: Blue ingredients only

Effect: Attracts Blue Pokemon

Yellow Curry a la Cube

Ingredients: Yellow ingredients

Effect: Attracts Yellow Pokemon

Gray Porridge a la Cube

Ingredients: Gray ingredients only

Effect: Attracts Gray Pokemon

Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue”

Effect: Attracts Water Pokemon

Plain Crepe a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of sweet things and a few gray”

Effect: Attracts Normal Pokemon

Sludge Soup a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things”

Effect: Attracts Poisonous Pokemon

More Pokemon Quest guides

Mud Pie a la Cube

Ingredients: “A few minerals and a lot of soft things”

Effect: Attracts Ground Pokemon

Veggie Smoothie a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of plants and a few hard things”

Effect: Attracts Grass Pokemon

Brain Food a la Cube

Ingredients: “A lot of sweet things and a few hard things”

Effect: Attracts Psychic Pokemon

Stone Soup a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals”

Effect: Attracts Rock Pokemon

Hot Pot a la Cube

Ingredients: “A lot of mushrooms and a little red”

Effect: Attracts Fire Pokemon

Watt a Risotta a la Cube

Ingredients: “A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow”

Effect: Attracts Electric Pokemon

Swole Syrup a la Cube

Ingredients: “A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms”

Effect: Attracts Fighting Pokemon

How ingredients work

As we’ve explained already, you need to drag ingredients from your inventory and drop them in the pot. You receive ingredients by completing Expeditions, finish quests and challenges, or by recycling Power Stones.

Here’s a list of every ingredient in the game, so you can match them up with what the recipe list printed above requires!

  • Tiny Mushrooms are red, soft, and small.
  • Big Roots are big, red, soft and precious.
  • Bluk Berries are blue, soft, small, and sweet.
  • Icy Rocks are blue, hard, precious, and minerals.
  • Apricorns are yellow, hard, small, and vegetables.
  • Honey is yellow, soft, precious, and sweet.
  • Fossils are grey, hard, small, and minerals.
  • Balm mushrooms are gray, soft, precious, and mushrooms.

That concludes the second edition of our Pokemon Quest cooking guide. That should be pretty much everything concerning this corner of the game, but we’ll keep an eye out for any developments and update this article again if necessary.

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