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Radical Heights: Best settings guide (Boost FPS and Green Screen Error Fix)


Fix the green screen error and get better performance overall in Radical Heights.

Our Radical Heights best settings guide will help you fix the common green screen error, and ensure you’re using the best graphics settings for optimal performance.

It’s no secret that Radical Heights is an extremely early access title, and to the point where some textures aren’t even in the game yet. This means that it’s a Battle Royale game with a whole host of performance issues and bugs which have yet to be ironed out.

Radical Heights isn’t particularly well optimised – yet – either, which means that many players are struggling to run the game smoothly. Even those who’ve invested in a high-end system might experience some serious hitching, stuttering and the like. At the time of writing, there’s a green screen error that’s affecting everyone and rendering the game unplayable – not good.

Of course, this is to be expected from what’s been described as an “X-treme Early Access” title. Thankfully there are measures you can take to achieve smoother performance on PC, and the more effort you put into fiddling around in the options menu, the greater returns you’ll see. Get all this finicky stuff out the way and you won’t regret it.

Finding the optimal combination of settings to increase FPS and maximise performance might seem like a nightmare, but we’ve done our utmost to ensure that this isn’t the case. Follow this guide and you’ll get better results from your rig, and tackle the green screen error that might be plaguing your Radical Heights client.

Check out our Radical Heights guide for a complete overview of the game!

How to fix “Green Screen” error

In Radical Heights’ current build there’s a frustrating error that can occur when booting up the game or loading into a match. It’s called “Green Screen” because…well, your entire screen basically turns green.

While this is the sort of thing that might happen if your PC has gone kaput, trust us, it’s completely fine and a surprisingly simple issue to fix.

Here’s how to reliably fix the Green Screen error:

  • Go to Options in the main menu.
  • Scroll down until you see both “Main Menu Window Mode” and “In Match Window Mode”.
  • For both of these options, click the right arrow twice so that they’re both on “Windowed”.
  • You can also try “Borderless Window” mode as an alternative.

If for some reason this isn’t working, we’d recommend making sure that Windows and your graphics drivers are bang up to date. Even consider restarting your PC too for good measure!

We imagine this green screen error will be patched out of the game soon, and it’s only a matter of time until this is a thing of the past.

Best FPS Settings

When it comes to getting performance gains, these are the settings you’ll want to tweak. Here’s what options you’ll need to change in order to increase your FPS.

  • In Match Window Mode: Full Screen if possible, Borderless Window if you’re having issues.
  • Full Screen Resolution: Native monitor resolution, or just below it.
  • Screen Scale Percentage: 100
  • View Distance Quality: Low
  • Anti Aliasing Quality: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Post Process Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Medium or Low
  • Texture Memory: Automatic
  • Anti Aliasing: None for performance or TAA for nicer visuals.
  • Screen Space Reflections: Low
  • Cap Frame Rate: Dependent on monitor. Typically 60hz. Otherwise, leave this untouched.
  • Max Frame Rate: Whatever you’ve capped it at, or leave it untouched otherwise.
  • Frame Rate Smoothing: No
  • HUD Scale Percentage: 100
  • Effects Quality: Low or Medium

We found this video by Youtuber FourEyes exceptionally helpful and very informative. Do make sure you give it a watch and make sure you give it a thumbs-up to support their content!

That’s all we have for now, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as Radical Heights progresses. The game is certain to undergo some enormous optimisation over the next few months and we’ll keep this tweaking guide to take these changes into account – stay tuned!

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