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The broken and buggy cards in Knights of the Frozen Throne – Hearthstone


Disguised Toast exposes a few fascinating broken interactions.

You’d expect a handful of bugs to slip into Hearthstone whenever you inject 135 new cards into an existing pool of many more, and streamer Disguised Toast has recently produced a video round-up of the biggest bugs that have landed with Knights of the Frozen Throne.

In the video – which we’ve embedded below – he provides an in-depth look at how some of these broken interactions look in the live game. It’s well worth a watch, and we recommend subscribing to his channel as he produces a steady stream of videos highlight interesting – sometimes broken – but always exciting interactions in the game.

Here’s the video, and we’ve produced a quick summary of what’s involved if you want to jump to a topic of particular interest to you:

0:20 – Bolvar, Fireblood

If you duplicate Despicable Dreadlord before hitting End Turn, the Divine Shield’s on 1-Health minions will be removed but they also then die from the second Dreadlord’s damage. As the Bolvar check doesn’t happen until all opponent effects have been triggered, the de-bubbled minions aren’t boosting Bolvar. Try saying that after six pints…

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1:44 – Malfurion the Pestilent

Malfurion the Pestilent has a strange impact on combos, as his hero power actually initiates the bonus combo effect of a relevant cards – in this example a Cold Blood that’s been pinched from the opponent. Hero powers don’t usually do this, and so you’d assume that Malfurion the Pestilent‘s isn’t supposed to do so either.

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3:04 – Deathstalker Hunter

Deathstalker Hunter interacts weirdly with weapons. With Envenom Weapon and Leeching Poison added to a blade, the new hero card’s Battlecry combines these effects into the mix as well, killing every enemy minion and restoring health, when in fact only two points of damage should be dealt to all enemy minions

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4:32 – Hidden Cache

Druid of the Swarm – and other transformation minions – appear not to trigger Hidden Cache, and it arguably should do because you’re technically summoning a minion onto the board. Note that when Disguised Toast plays a non-transformation minion onto the board, the Secret is triggered.

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See above!

5:40 – Shadowreaper Anduin

Shadowform changes your hero power to “Deal 2 damage”, but if you’re already in Shadowform then the value is increased to 3. Play Shadowreaper Anduian first though, and you get that extra damage even though you’re technically in Voidform, not Shadowform. This is likely a linguistic wobble that was missed during development.

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Found any other weird or just flat-out broken card interactions in the Frozen Throne set? We’d love to hear about them in the comments, so sign up and let us know what you’ve uncovered yourself.

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