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Two new heroes teased for Dota Auto Chess


A message from the gods?

Drodo Studio has teased two upcoming additions to its immensely popular Auto Chess mode for Dota 2.

There’s no release date for the characters currently, but it’s likely these heroes will arrive within the next few weeks.

The image shows two silhouettes, one with a decidedly electric theme, and the other depicting a spear and shield-wielding hero amidst a red backdrop.

Judging by the comments in the twitter thread itself, many players have a strong hunch as to who these heroes might be. One is likely to be the spellcaster Zeus, while the other could be warrior hero Mars.

This theory makes sense, as there could be a “God” synergy in the works for players who manage to field both heroes on the board. It’s difficult to say how they would function in Auto Chess, as Drodo tweaks Dota 2 hero stats and abilities to fit their custom mode.

We can make a few educated guesses as to how they might work though.

Seeing as Zeus is the god of lightning, we can safely speculate that he’ll be hurling lightning bolts at foes from range, perhaps stunning them too with his ultimate ability. As he’s a spellcaster, we can imagine him being quite vulnerable if pounced upon.

In stark contrast, Mars is the burly god of war. He’s likely to be much tankier, and more reliant on getting close to his enemies to dish out damage. We expect him to be a great choice for manning the frontline and drawing aggro away from his allies.

As soon as we hear more about these new heroes, or anything else related to Dota Auto Chess for that matter, we’ll update the site with all the latest news.

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