Whispers of the Old Gods release date revealed on Battle.net? – Hearthstone


Shop now warns of Naxxramas' limited use within the game.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user has noticed an intriguing addition to the browser version of the Hearthstone shop, which seems to suggest a release date of April 26th for Hearthstone’s next expansion, The Whispers of the Old Gods.

How so? Well, The Curse of Naxxramas is the first Adventure to get the chop when the new Standard mode launches alongside the upcoming expansion. Attempt to buy this Adventure online, and the shop puts forwards a disclaimer stating that the cards gained from Naxxramas can only be played in the new Wild mode as of April 26th.

Blizzard has yet to be more specific than provide the end-April/early-May window announced at the reveal event for Old Gods – this specific date certainly fits neatly within the window. With April 26th also being the traditional date for significant Blizzard patches, it seems increasingly likely that this is indeed the launch date for Whispers of the Old Gods.

We’ll let you know as soon as we discover any more, or if Blizzard chooses to confirm the release date.

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