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Apex Legends: Pathfinder Guide – Tips & Abilities


Tips and tricks to help you make the most of Pathfinder.

Our Apex Legends Pathfinder guide contains tips and strategy advice for using each ability to its maximum potential.

Pathfinder’s proved to be a very popular hero to play in Apex Legends, and when you consider the exceptional mobility options on offer it’s easy to understand why.

This character doesn’t hit as hard as other Legends in the game, but the grappling hooks you have at your disposal will make you the utility king of any team you find yourself in.

While playing this Legend you’re able to shoot a grappling hook at just about any environmental surface, and then whizz along it at lightning speed. This gives you an incredibly quick way of traversing the map, and makes dodging opponents a cinch. You can also gain exceptional vantage positions from which you can dispatch your targets.

As for the ultimate, Pathfinder can let rip with a grappling hook that everyone on the team can take advantage of. This version of the hook travels a greater distance than usual too, and be used to launch a surprise team offensive…or just get everyone out of trouble fast.

Our Pathfinder guide contains everything you need to know about grappling with this very fluid character. We’ve got an overview of each ability, and also provided some handy strategy tips for exploiting each one to its fullest potential.

As we gain more experience with Pathfinder we’ll be expanding this guide even further. If you’ve any tips of your own then share them in the comments and we’ll include them in our next update.

Legend Guides

Passive – Insider Knowledge

This ability allows Pathfinder to scan a survey beacon in order to reveal the ring’s next location.

Survey beacons have their own distinct icon on the minimap, and it looks like a small radio emitting a broadcast. Simply run up to one, interact with it and you’ll hear an audio cue. Check your map and the next circle will be highlighted.

It’s definitely not the most exciting passive in the collection, but it’s one which comes in handy in most games.

Simply knowing where the next circle will end up allows you and your squad to reposition well within time, or select a loot spot that’s guaranteed to be safe.

Tactical – Grappling Hook

Activate Pathfinder’s Tactical Ability and it’ll fire off a short range grappling hook which will latch to a surface and reel you in.

At the most basic level it’s fantastic for repositioning when you want to traverse the map quickly, or get to the loot before your teammates do. Sorry, we meant the enemy players…

The Grappling Hook comes into its own when you spot a group of enemies, or if a firefight has broken out. It allows you to close the gap very quickly and pull off a game-changing flank around your targets, who almost certainly won’t expect the pace at which you’re able to re-position.

We’ve found using the Grappling Hook as a way to take advantage on the high ground is key to getting the most out of this ability. Use it to scale buildings and you’ll automatically have the height advantage, which enables you to rain bullets down from above, or even get the drop on opponents who won’t know where they’re getting hit from.

Of course, if you’re in a pinch the Grappling Hook also comes in handy as an escape mechanism. Getting shot at hard and fast? Use the Grappling Hook to bail out of a tight situation and reposition faster than you could by running. It’s also less predictable which helps!

Momentum plays a huge part in Apex Legends, and the Grappling Hook can be used to build it up extremely fast. Once you ping off the grapple, you’ll likely fly off with speed, so use this burst to reposition quickly or take the fight to targets.

Land a grapple on an enemy and you’ll reel yourself towards them for a close quarters kill. We wouldn’t recommend attempting this in every fight as you need to be accurate – and missing could cost you – but it could surprise the enemy enough to win a tense battle.

Zipline Gun

Think of the Grappling Hook, but with a much longer range and your entire team can use it – that’s the Zipline Gun for you.

The Zipline Gun can create a zipline which you and your allies can use to move between points at speed. This makes it a brilliant tool for repositioning an entire squad if you’re all in trouble, or if you’ve spotted a particularly juicy loot spot.

This ability is most effective if you’ve spotted an enemy team or if you’re engaged in a firefight, but the enemy team isn’t completely aware of your position.

In one case we fired off a Zipline from the flank, while one member of our team distracted an enemy squad head on. This meant we could zoom over to their side at lightning pace, and catch them off guard as they weren’t expecting us to flank so soon.

You don’t even need to use the zipline immediately. Even just throwing it down in a fight gives you and your teammates the option to bail, reposition or close the gap. It opens up options, so don’t be afraid to find a good spot to fire it off in pretty much all scenarios. It’ll recharge anyway, so make the most of it.

Do remember that you can all shoot when you’re zipping across the zipline too!

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