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How to B-Reverse and Wavebounce in Smash Ultimate


Short hop this time.

B-reversing is an important technique that’ll help you maximise your movement options in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here’s how to pull it off.

What is a B-reverse?

B-reversing is a technique in which your character performs a special move and changes direction at the same time, sustaining their momentum. The name comes from B being the default button for special moves. For example, Up-B refers to a character’s special move pulled off by pressing B whilst holding up.

There are numerous applications for B-reversing, including mixing up landings and reacting to enemy movement.

How do I B-reverse?

It’s a pretty simple process. Simply press the left stick in the opposite direction to where your character is facing right after pressing the B button.

Not all special moves can be B-reversed though. For example, Mewtwo can only use Disable in the direction it’s facing. Some moves, like Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch and Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch can be powered up by reversing them, but the window for reversal is slightly larger and the move has its own unique reverse animation, meaning it’s technically slightly different to a B-reverse.

Below is what you should be aiming for when B-reversing a special move. Mario first performs the move without B-reversing it, then uses fireball while changing his momentum. You can also reverse your direction whilst grounded, as shown below, which will also reverse grounded momentum if you have any.

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How do I do a Turnaround Special?

Turnaround Special moves are subtly different to B-reverses. Like B-reverses, you’re turning your character’s perspective around in order to use a move in the opposite direction. This one is done by pressing the left stick in the opposite direction to where your character is facing just before pressing the B button, rather than after.

This is a good way to change your character’s direction whilst airborne without switching your character’s momentum, something few characters are able to do easily. You’ll often see it used with recovery moves – see below Kirby recovering without using a turnaround, then using a turnaround to ensure he snaps onto the ledge.

How do I Wavebounce in Smash Ultimate?

By combining these two techniques, you can pull off a trick called a Wavebounce. This is done by performing a turnaround special and B-reversing it immediately.

The effect of this is a reversal of your momentum without reversing the direction you’re facing, offering you even more options for approaching.

It’s pulled off by pressing the left stick backwards, the special move button, and then the left stick in the opposite direction again.

You’ll probably need to hit training mode for this one, as it takes a lot of very precise movement in quick succession. Check out what a Wavebounce looks like below.

After you’ve mastered the inputs, check out ProGuides’ video on Wavebouncing and B-reversing for more intricate applications of the technique.

That’s all for our Wavebounce and B-reverse guide! We’ve got all sorts of other Smash Ultimate content for you though, so be sure to check out our tips on teching and fast falling too.

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