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Destiny 2: Larceny walkthrough guide – How to clear the landing zone and defeat the Centurion


Our essential walkthrough for Destiny 2's Larceny mission.

Our Destiny 2: Larceny guide contains tips and tricks for clearing the landing zone and defeating the Centurion, as well as a complete walkthrough for the entire mission.

Since you’ve taken down Thumos, the Unbroken, it’s time to steal his ship’s data. Unfortunately it’s not parked in a friendly garage, but a hostile landing zone that’s filled to the brim with Cabal enemies. Get your game-face on, as you’ll have to survive fierce Cabal onslaughts and the ever-present threat of stumbling into pesky sentry turrets too.

Do note that this is just the first edition of this walkthrough and we’ll be updating it with screenshots, gameplay footage and further advice in the near future. Keep this page bookmarked for more as we’ll be back for a second pass very soon!

Editor’s UPDATE #1: Right at the bottom of the page we’ve added in a video walkthrough for this mission which’ll help you out even further. We’ll continue to update this article with more strategy advice, so keep this guide bookmarked for more!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Starting from the Sunken Isles, proceed down the L-shaped corridor and into Legion’s Anchor, where you’ll encounter a Fallen assault that’s under way. Stay near the entrance and use the cover to take out the group of Legionaries and the other weaker mobs to the upper left.

Move into the loading bay, hop onto the platform bridge/ramp and follow it all the way to the upper ledge. There’s a yellow explosive barrel here which you can explode to wipe out the central bridge of foes. Blast your way through the four Shanks before taking out the remainder of the Cabal at the top of the ramp and ledge.

Take aim at the Incendior, then remove the Phalanxes before descending into the exit corridor. Turn left at the next corner and look straight ahead.

You’ll see two sentry guns which shouldn’t be faced directly. Instead, use the corner as cover and constantly poke your head out for a bit and shoot. They’ll go down without much trouble.

Once you’re done, head into the viewing corridors.

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Make your way through the corridors

From here on out, the number of enemies increases dramatically so play it cool and proceed with an abundance of caution.

First, remove the Legionary, then step to the corner of the corridor and deal with the next mob. Move towards the ramp on the left side, leading to a raised ledge. Take out the Dregs and Vandals here before hopping on the ledge yourself.

Stay on the raised ledge and move around slowly. You’ll reach a console surrounded by Fallen, in particular, a Servitor with some friends.

There’s no need to focus the Servitor straight away as it’s a slow mover and won’t really pose much of a threat if you keep on the move.

Instead, take out the mobs first, before focusing on the Servitor’s eye. You can also blow up the yellow explosive barrel on the right side of the console for some nice additional damage.

Be a little careful when the Servitor loses around half its health, as more Shanks will spawn in. Back up a little and take them out, before focusing back on the Servitor’s eye, finishing it off.

Now move past the console and over to a door that’ll open and reveal a lovely surprise!

Now’s the time to use your grenade or Super as you’ll be greeted by a horde of tough Cabal, including a Gladiator and two Phalanxes. Chuck your grenade at the Gladiator, aim at the Incendior tanks and spray away. Don’t be afraid to retreat a little to ensure that you’re not cornered by the enemy.

Turns out this group of enemies was guarding a long cargo bay with two short corridors. Move forwards, stay at a distance and clear the Scorpius first. Then take aim and clear the area of Psions. Avoid moving into the area until you’ve cleared it, as there’s another Scorpius lying in wait at the right side of the corridor with a pack of eight War Beasts.

Take on the War Beasts, and dispatch them quickly with a close to medium-range weapon. Next, focus on the Scorpius from range. There’s yet another Scorpius guarding the left exit corridor and couple of Psions further away.

Watch out for the sentry gun nearby too, so take that out first! The door these folks are guarding will be your final fight, and one that’s pretty lengthy too.

Clear the landing zones

A lengthy battle ensues at this point, and it’s important to take note of the three things that you’ll need to tackle.

Step 1

You’ll notice that there’s a Scorpius firing ahead and right of you. Take it out and focus on the Legionaries on the lower ramp area.

Step 2

Look straight ahead and to your left and you’ll see a large landing zone with explosive yellow canisters scattered around. Don’t shoot them yet, but take out the Legionaries instead – it won’t take long.

Step 3

Ahead and to your right is a gap that you can leap across, leading to a landing zone with a ship that you’ll need to hijack. Unfortunately a Scorpius is pointed straight at you and behind it are a number of Legionaries. Fire at the Scorpius from cover at the ramps and clear the entire area.

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Tips and tricks to kill the Centurion and board the ship

Use your Ghost to hack into the ship ahead and ready yourself for another lengthy wave-clearing fight.

A wave of Cabal will drop in, so take them out from range at the edge of the landing zone. You can also leap up to the landing zone platforms to deal with any stragglers, or to adjust your position for increased accuracy.

As you’re clearing the second wave, a dropship will throw another lot of Cabal at you. Again, remove them all from range and use those yellow explosive barrels to help weaken them a little.

Right, you’re not done yet. Eliminate the incoming Incendiors, then the Psions. Once they’re dead, check the ship’s landing zone and face the Centurion.

It’s worth baiting him onto the bridge connecting the two landing zones and hitting him with whatever you’ve got – Supers, grenades and power weapons will ensure he falls quickly.

Now that’s taken care of, board the ship and the mission is complete! Check the links just a little further up the page if you need help with any other missions.

Video Walkthrough

To aid you even further, we’ve linked a video walkthrough of this mission below. It’ll take you through every turn, corridor and objective so you can get an even better idea of what resistance you’ll be facing throughout. It’s certainly worth reading through our text walkthrough, tips and tricks before referring to this when playing it through – it’s going to be very useful!

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