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Destiny 2: Riptide walkthrough guide – Rewards, Energy Convertors and Circuit Breakers


Our complete walkthrough for finishing Destiny 2’s Riptide mission.

Our Destiny 2: Riptide walkthrough contains rewards details, and a guide to fixing the energy convertors and flipping the circuit breakers.

Destiny 2’s Riptide mission sees you leaping and bounding across bridges and platforms in an effort to restore power to the shipyard. It’s also filled with plenty of traps, as well as a number of mobs that could catch you off guard, so prepare yourself for a mission that requires a mixture of patience and forcing yourself into the fray.

If you need help with the rest of the game’s missions, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough. We should have it all wrapped up in pretty short order now, and you can also find links to individual missions further down towards the bottom of the page.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

UPDATE – 23/11/17

We’ve just added a complete video walkthrough to help you out even more! You’ll find it at the bottom of the page after the core mission walkthrough itself.

Eliminate the Shrieker

Beginning at Siren’s Watch, start your journey by dropping down and springing to the two connecting towers that link Siren’s Watch to the enormous rig.

As you progress, you’ll notice a battle between Fallen and Hive forces. By all means you can watch this fight ensure, but both parties are going to turn against you no matter what. Take care of the Acolytes to begin with, then duck behind the crate and eliminate the Fallen. Once you’re done here, scurry along the ledge which has a view of the bridge just ahead, and turn left.

This bridge is under assault from the Fallen, and there’s a terrifying Shrieker destroying them all. Time to get stuck in for yourself and take out all of the Fallen trash, so you can focus on the Shrieker itself when things are a little calmer.

We recommend taking cover behind the pillar on the bridge, taking aim at the Shrieker’s core to deal maximum damage and poking in and out with potshots. Wait out it’s barrages, continue the pattern, and it’ll die eventually – a very simple, but effective strategy.

With the Shrieker taken care of, it’s worth turning around and exploring the room just behind the bridge, as there are a couple of scannable objects in here. When you’re done, swing back around and attempt to cross the bridge.

Here you’ll find six or more Acolytes accompanied by a Knight. These guys shouldn’t present much of an issue to you by now, so just check a grenade at them to clear the area, or target their heads from long range.

Proceed into the enormous building characterised by the sunburst logo, head into the dark ramp room, turn left and then make your way through the corridor riddled with horrible Hive secretions.

Fix the energy converters

Enter this new zone and aid the Fallen in taking down the Hive Acolytes, before finishing them off as well. A handful of Exploder Shanks will appear here too, so take them out quickly before they can detonate themselves and cause your health bar some serious mischief.

Before heading forwards, take out the mobs and then face the Fallen Captain and his Vandal friends – he shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Once he’s out of the way, interact with the “golden age console” so that the wave energy converters can do their thing.

Surprise, surprise: two of them don’t start. This means that you’ll have to manually bring them online.

Enter the door that opens and carefully proceed through the stairwell. It’s important that you keep an eye out for traps scattered on the ground here – they resemble mines and have a red shining light. Shoot them before they activate, take it slow, and you’ll be fine.

Keep working your way down and you’ll eventually reach a door. A Dreg and Wretch will be waiting on the other side, so take them out and then continue heading downwards.

Here you’ll encounter more Hive and Exploder Shanks, so take them out and make your way into the open corridor. There are a couple of other weaker enemies here, and we recommend tackling them head-on as they’re hardly a real threat.

Step into the connecting corridor room that’s filled with pesky laser traps. Thankfully you can destroy them all in one fell swoop by shooting any of the small cylinders on the ground or ceiling. Once they’re taken care of, move forwards and drop down into the large hole.

You’ll be met by two Shanks, and in the distance you’ll see a couple more Tracer Shanks. These guys fire off what are effectively sniper shots. Dodge this fire and take them out as quickly as you can. There’s an impending onslaught of Dregs and a Vandal too, so make sure they’re mopped up once you’ve taken down the Shanks.

Proceed through the opening to your left and destroy the motion trap before it activates. There’s a gantry that splits into two parallel platforms – take the one on the right-hand side and deal with the Tracer Shank.

Move towards the narrow bridge leading to a large tower structure. Again, clear the trash and keep proceeding forwards. A cluster of Cursed Thralls will rush towards you as you cross the bridge, so quickly target their heads and watch them all explode. Hooray!

Rush towards the tower and remove the Acolytes and Knight that await you.

Cross the bridge that links the tower you’re on to the next. Again, you’ll encounter a horde of Cursed Thrall, so deal with them in the same fashion. Keep ploughing forwards and hop into the second tower, using the walls as cover and dealing with the rest of the enemies.

From this second tower, you’ll want to hop across the roof and jump up into the doorway. Head into the tube-shaped tower and take care of the Hive enemy on the central mechanism. That’s the first converter out of the way.

Exit the tube and look to your right. There is another broken bridge you’ll have to cross and sections of it can be used to descend into an opening below. When you burst in, chuck a grenade into the mix as this’ll help deal with the Knight and his four Acolyte buddies.

Now it’s time to turn and face the second tower. Run along the cable bride and boost your way up to the half-destroyed section above it. Turn right and face the second tower, hop the two gap and prepare to clear more mobs.

Much of the same here: enter the converter tower, head down into the tube and remove the Hive secretions. Nice, we’re nearly there!

Destiny 2 walkthrough content

Use the links below to access all of our mission walkthroughs:

Flip the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is located on the roof of the second tower. To get there jump across the gantry bridge and leap across a series of gaps. Jump left as you reach the Tower’s exterior and head up and around to meet two Hive Wizards.

Rounding the corner from the gantry platform, focus all your attention on the Wizard ahead. We recommend whipping out an energy weapon and unloading your clip into its shield, before peppering its body with gunfire – it shouldn’t live long.

Next, it’s worth popping your Super and rushing the Wizard ahead. Consider backing off if there are any enemies left, and taking a breather to recover in-between bouts of fire.

When’s all said and done, shoot the Hive secretions off the circuit breaker and flip it. Mission complete!

Mission rewards

Once you’ve finished this mission you’ll be able to head back to Sloane and grab some seriously tasty Exotic rewards. Here’s what’s available to each Guardian class when you make your return.


  • Chest: Raiden Flux
  • Legs: Lucky Pants
  • Gauntlets: Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves


  • Chest: Actium War Rig
  • Gauntlets: ACD/O Feedback fence
  • Gauntlets: Doom Fang Pauldron


  • Helmet: Eye of Another World
  • Gauntlets: Sunbracers
  • Chest: Wings of Sacred Dawn

Video Walkthrough

To help you out even further we’ve linked a complete video walkthrough for you below. It’ll take you through this mission in its entirety and show you exactly how to deal with all the obstacles you’ll face on the way to flipping that circuit breaker.

If you found this video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up to support the creator!

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