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Destiny 2: Six walkthrough guide – How to kill Fallen Captain Jaliks


Our complete walkthrough on how to beat Destiny 2’s Six mission.

Our Destiny 2: Six Walkthrough will help you beat the Boss Minotaur Acanthos and Fallen Captain Jaliks in your mission to reach Cayde-6.

In the first part of this story your task was to locate Cayde-6 and deactivate the Vex teleporter, but this mission suddenly descends into two heated fights in areas that are positively swarming with enemies. It’s your job to survive both these tough battles and finally defeat the Vex boss who’s stopping you from reaching Cayde.

If you need help beating any other missions in the game, do make sure you check out our Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough for more help. We’ve also linked to our other mission walkthroughs at the bottom of this page, so make sure you check those out too.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added a video walkthrough right at the bottom of this guide so it can be a useful point of reference for when you’ve finished reading up on our tips and tricks. We’ll continue updating this guide, so keep this page bookmarked for more!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Reach the Glade of Echoes

Beginning on a platform, you’ll be overlooking a large open plateau. Cayde’s signal is coming from an opening in the wall, so step through it and into the Pools of Luminance. Here you’ll encounter a milky liquid that’s damaging to touch.

Navigate your way up the nearby ledges, making your way through this milky fluid stream and through a circular doorway at the end. You’ll enter a cavern filled with Harpies, so take aim at their red glowing eyes and blow them all to smithereens. Once you’ve dealt with them, make your way towards the connecting cavern and proceed to the golden wall.

You’ll enter a large circular room with wall-like cover sections protruding from the floor. It’s important to use these as cover for the impending hordes of Vex. As you advance towards the central circle in the middle of the room, a wave of Vex will appear – including a new enemy Fanatic.

Retreat behind a pillar and focus fire on the Fanatic first, before moving onto the heads of the Goblins. More waves of enemies will begin spawning in, so keep going about your business, dropping the Fanatics first.

During this second wave of enemies, watch your flanks for Goblins and Minotaurs. It’s worth retreating here, throwing a grenade into the mix, or even popping your Super to deal with the horde. If you’ve got a Power weapon to hand, utilise cover and bombard them with explosive ordinance.

Now it’s a case of clearing up the area. Stick to cover, and patiently take the remaining Minotaurs out first before dealing with the Harpies. Follow the marker and exit the area into a Vex temple. Grab the teleporter and step into the Vex gate just behind it which’ll send you right back to the entrance.

From here, move back to the beginning of the mission and swing left from the original opening you stepped into when you first started. Follow the correct path and you’ll pass by a funny looking Vex orb before entering the Glade of Echoes.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Minotaur Acanthos

A massive battle between the Fallen and Vex is taking place and it’s your job to seek out a Boss Minotaur called Acanthos.

There are three parts to this mini-boss fight and it involves seeking out Acanthos amidst the ensuing battle.

Part 1

Make your way up the battlefield and you’ll encounter the first cluster of enemies along with Acanthos himself. It’s important to keep your distance as he’s capable of destroying your health bar quickly if you get too close. Aim for the white glowing section of his torso for maximum damage from distance and let loose with everything you’ve got. We recommend getting out a Scout, Pulse or Hand Cannnon to do the job. Even better – a ranged Super or Power Weapon will chunk him fine! He’ll disappear when you’ve done enough damage.

Part 2

Acanthos will appear right in the middle of the battlefield again. Above the dirt road, there are Fallen enemies perched on some platforms. Skirt round the outer edge of the dirt road to the cargo container and proceed through the gap behind the remains of the fuselage on the opposite side of the road. Find a nice piece of environment to hop onto, and shoot the Boss Minotaur from a distance, strafing or ducking behind cover to avoid his deadly shots.

You may not be able to target his weak spot here, but as long as you’re dealing damage that’s what matters. Eventually he’ll teleport one last time.

Part 3

Continue up the road and you’ll notice yet another battle cluster. Clamber up the rocks and scenery to the right of the road and rain fire down from above. Focus on Acanthos’ weak spot and be careful to avoid taking any hits. Once he’s dealt with, you can clear the area or exit this zone by proceeding forwards and through the ruins of a huge spacecraft.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Fallen Captain Jaliks

In this final area you’ll see the remains of Exodus Black. There’s an entrance to it that’s blocked by an energy field. It’s already being targeted by the Fallen, so it’s your job to take them out. Clear the area of any fodder to make the next boss battle a little easier.

Fallen Captain Jaliks will be in the mix here, and we recommend equipping an Energy weapon so you can drop his shield fast. Head over to the entrance of the Exodus Black and use the cover there to fire down on the Shanks that spawn alongside him. Once they’re taken care of, focus on Jaliks until a third of his health has vanished. He’ll then scurry off to a different, slightly elevated part of this area.

Proceed towards an area categorised by platforms and crates, clearing the mobs as you go. Jaliks will be on the platform ahead, but before you take him on make sure you clear all the other enemies first. Watch out for the Vandal snipers on the elevated crates as they can really dent your armour and health while you’re trying to deal with the boss.

Once you’ve mopped up the fodder, it’s time to focus fire on Jaliks. Always aim for the head, stay on the platform and use the crates for cover. If you’ve got your Super available, now’s the time to unleash it on him – this’ll most likely finish him off.

He’ll drop the Scorch Cannon on death, so grab it and blast the group of enemies deposited by the dropship. Lay waste to all the remaining enemies, remembering to strafe so you don’t take damage. After you’re done joyously demolishing everything in your path, Failsafe will open up the Exodus Black for you.

Mission complete!

Video Walkthrough

To help you out even further, we’ve embedded a video walkthrough of this mission which’ll take you through each and every objective. It’s a great resource that’ll be of particular importance when attempting to save Cayde for the first time!

If you found it useful, do make sure to give the video a thumbs up to support the creator.

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