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Destiny 2: Looped walkthrough guide – How to defeat Hapax, the Convergent Mind


Our essential walkthrough for Destiny 2’s Looped mission.

Our Destiny 2: Looped walkthrough guide contains a step by step breakdown on how to complete this mission in its entirety.

In this mission you’ll be platforming into the murky depths of Nessus and battling your way through many new Vex threats. It’s all about getting to Cayde-6 who’s trapped down there, but it won’t be long before you discover a Vex enemy the likes of which you’ve never seen before…

Note that this is an early iteration of our guide. We’ll be updating it thoroughly with gameplay footage, screenshots and more detailed strategies to ensure that it’s much easier to follow in a future update.

If you need help with another section of the story, take a look through our Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough. Alternatively, you can find links to specific missions towards the bottom of this very walkthrough.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: We’ve added an important tidbit of advice right at the top of this page, and just before the walkthrough itself. Having experienced the woes this mission can bring, we thought it was crucial to highlight something that’ll make sure you don’t lose hope if you’re struggling. Of course, we’ll continue updating this guide over time – stay tuned for more!

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Our top tip for this mission

Looped is one of the toughest story missions in the game and comes at a point where you’re not going to be particularly strong. It’s tricky because you’re going to be barraged with an overwhelming number of Vex that only become stronger as you progress. While levelling our characters, we’ve had some real trouble dealing with these hordes, so we thought it wise to impart some simple advice – stay patient.

Many times we’ve become impatient and decided to take the Vex head on. Trust us, this isn’t a good idea, as if you die, you’ll have to restart the entire section again. If you want to get it done fast, use cover frequently and play it really safe if you’re struggling. It might seem an agonising process, but it’s a lot less frustrating if you complete it first time!

Through the Hallows

To kick things off, jump into the energy chute. Once you’ve landed, follow the signal to the rocks. Turn right and follow the ravine upwards, towards the wrecked ship ahead.

Climb onto the ship and interact with the terminal to access Failsafe. Exit the area by following the signal into the Hallows.

Fall into the large hole at the surface of the Hallows and follow the waypoints into the arena-like subterranean zone. You’ll find Cayde here, but he’ll be exchanged for a pack of six Vex Goblins. Shoot at their white sections, then follow it up with a headshot to finish them off quickly and efficiently.

You’ll soon be swamped by a number of Goblins, so it’s important to slowly back away and follow the same routine. Gun their white points!

When you’re nearing the end of the Goblins, a couple of menacing Minotaurs will appear. Switch to an energy weapon, take down their shields and then let loose with some gunfire and a grenade for good measure. If they’re really causing you trouble, don’t be afraid to pop your Super and demolish them.

Once you’ve swept up, follow the waypoints out of the Hallows and descend even further into the anarchy.

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Reach Cayde-6

Continue through the connecting tunnel and you’ll spot an energy catapult far down below you. Take a deep breath and prepare to hop down into the murky darkness below. Aim for the floating blocks and sections of the wall to reach the enormous curved floor that the catapult is attached to.

Now press forwards and take on the Hobgoblins. Again, an easy way of dealing with these enemies is to fire at them as quickly as possible. Aim for their glowing vulnerable sections and they’ll put up a temporary barrier. Once it’s depleted, let loose and they’ll die very quickly.

You’ll encounter some more resistance here, including some Goblins and Minotaur. It’s worth lobbing your grenades at the Minotaur and focusing it down first, before moving onto the squishier Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Here comes another descent! Jump straight down to the lower floating platform below, and head through the hole-entrance. Look down and you’ll notice a cavern filled with floating platforms. Traverse them by going clockwise and move into the Vex teleporter.

Next, head into a cavern and jump across to an archway. Pass through it and continue moving around to the right, before leaping to the exit door. Hop into the energy well and it’ll take you down the lower platform. Interact with Cayde-6 who’s floating above the central area to trigger the impending boss fight.

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Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Hapax, the Convergent Mind

Hapax, the Convergent Mind will suddenly appear in Cayde’s place and it’s your job to take him out.

Note that the longer Hapax is alive, the more mobs will start spawning in, and so it’s worth focusing your attention on him as much as possible. Also be aware that he’s got an invulnerable rotating shield that, no matter how much you try, won’t go down. There are – conveniently – open sections in this shield that you can shoot into and subsequently hurt him through.

Aim for Hapax’s central eye and constantly stay on the move or duck behind cover. When mobs are beginning to get too close for comfort, prioritise taking them out quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you’ve got a melee Super, we advise using this to clear the arena of mobs and use the remaining charge on the boss. Otherwise, if you’ve got a ranged Super, nuke his “eye” the moment it’s exposed.

Continue following a pattern of: wait for exposed Hapax, rapidly shoot eye, duck behind cover. You’ll eventually take him out in no time. What’s more, once he’s down, all the other enemies die alongside him – sorry about that…

Give it a second before collecting goodies off Hapax’s corpse too quickly, as his big head explodes and the blast can actually kill you. Whoops.

Mission complete!

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