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Destiny 2: Utopia walkthrough guide – How to kill Garmurg


Our complete walkthrough for finishing Destiny 2’s Utopia mission.

Our Destiny 2: Utopia walkthrough explains how to complete the mission, kill Garmurg, and escape the battle in style!

Your next Destiny 2 mission – Utopia – requires you to go inside the Festering Halls, locate an access terminal, grab a CPU, and then get out of there nice and cleanly. Note that you need to be Level 6 to begin this mission, and there’s a recommended Power Level of 30 for this part of the Destiny 2 campaign content.

Don’t forget that you can find our entire Destiny 2 Campaign walkthrough elsewhere on the site, so check it out if you need help with any other missions. You’ll also find links to individual missions towards the bottom of this page if you just want to dive straight into a particular slice of the story.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: Right at the bottom of this page you’ll find a video walkthrough to this mission. It’s to the point and will be of a great help to those who prefer a visual aid. We’ll continue updating this guide with further tips and tricks as time goes by, so keep this article bookmarked for more.

(If you want to be the best at every area of the game, don’t forget to bookmark our PVP, Strike and Subclass guide pages – they’ve got everything you need if you want to get more out of Destiny 2, and will be continuously updated in the weeks ahead.)

Go across the bridge which connects the Rig to Solarium, then head up to the platform. Along the way you’ll need to kill a load of monsters including Dregs, Vandals and that bothersome Servitor archetype. As always focus this latter creature first so that it can’t grant protection to the others.

When you head right you’ll be ambushed by a pair of Dregs, so take them out then kill the Servitor. Blast through the panels, then enter the main courtyard area. You’ll find the access terminal you seek up ahead and to the right of this entrance. Hit Scan on your Ghost and then make your way inside the Festering Halls.

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Enter the Festering Halls

Activate your Ghost when prompted to do so, then make your way down into the new area. Kill all of the Thralls – there are around a dozen to contend with – then go up the stairs. As always, aim for the head at these creatures so they drop quickly and you can thin the numbers down nice and quickly.

You’ll next have to deal with a pack of Acolytes and a Knight. Make sure you focus on the Revenant Acolyte first as it’s the toughest one, followed by the Knight and then the remaining enemies.

In the next section you’ll going to have to deal with another set of Acolytes and a Wizard – take the latter down first, using cover wherever it’s available, then take out the trash.

Drop down from here, kill the Knight, and then make your way down the dimly lit corridor. A pack of Thralls as well as a Shrieker will attack you here, so use the space behind you to stay alive and draw them off in very small groups if you can.

Explore the Main Hall

Keep pushing forwards from the scene of this fight, where you should be able to see a cavernous room full of nests. Kill any enemies that you can spot from your vantage point, then drop down.

If you’ve got a Super, now’s the time to use it because there are quite a few additional enemies milling about around here. The Knight in particular can push out quite a lot of damage using his missile barrage, so use cover whenever you can and focus this guy down as much as possible.

Tips, tricks and tactics for killing Garmurg

You’ll have to fight a mini-boss now called Garmurg. The main thing to watch out for in this encounter is the energy beam it blasts from its eye – this is capable of crippling your health bar in next to no time.

Be mindful also of the Thralls that will spawn during this encounter. When they appear, take them out as a priority while dodging Garmurg’s attacks as best you can.

You’re going to need to use a lot of cover to survive this encounter, so take the opportunity to charge up your shields whenever you can – the main pillar here is perfect for this very purpose.

Just keep strafing around, dealing with the Thralls and getting damage in on Garmurg and it should be over before you know it!

Once you’ve finished this boss, drop down and float before the bottom so you don’t take damage. From here you need to keep moving forwards in the direction of the objective, using your “float” button to avoid taking any serious fall damage.

Eventually you will come to a new corridor you’ll need to progress through, shooting the grating at the end. Be ready to fight some Thralls next, then carry on forwards until you come to more Thralls. Kill them all, it goes without saying!

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Escape the Festering Halls in the APC

Run towards one of the APCs up ahead, and then slam and ram your way through the danger. Watch out for the vehicle damage you’re taking, but otherwise just smash through the Hive columns into the new area.

As you make your way to the exit, keep clattering into everything, but be mindful of the Cursed Thralls as the explosive damage from these can prove problematic. Keep racing forwards until you encounter Amanda Holliday.

Video Walkthrough

If you’re struggling to navigate your way through this mission, we’ve embedded a handy video walkthrough which will show you exactly where to go.

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