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Five things we love about the new Mercy and D.Va – Overwatch


Blizzard's tweaks are certainly a step in the right direction.

Overwatch’s latest PTR update introduces a slew of dramatic changes for two of Overwatch’s most popular characters, with huge changes to Mercy’s kit and a serious tweak to D.Va’s offensive capabilities.

We decided to give them a thorough testing on the PTR a little earlier on today, and we have to say we came away pleasantly surprised. Both heroes feel more engaging to play than ever before, and to help you understand what’s new we’ve listed five reasons why Blizzard’s tweaks hit the mark.

1. Mercy isn’t defined by Resurrect

With Resurrect now a single target ability on a 30 second cooldown, we feel far more comfortable playing Mercy as a primary healer. There’s no saving your Ultimate ability at all costs, and we found ourselves getting stuck into teamfights a lot more, rather than hiding away in sheer terror, waiting to pop the mass Ressurect.

2. D.Va’s Defense Matrix isn’t obnoxious anymore

In much the same way that Mercy’s existence was defined by her Resurrect ability, players would pick D.Va to soak up damage using Defense Matrix. You could sit there and negate absolutely everything from the enemy, and for an extraordinary amounts of time as well. It’s now much dearer to activate, meaning you need to use it in tactical bursts or suffer the consequences.

In many ways, Defense Matrix is now much more rewarding to use. We felt a sense of accomplishment every time we swiftly blocked some damage, and it now rightly rewards sharp reflexes.

3. Single target Resurrect requires thought

With the new Mercy you’re actively encouraged to think about who you’re going to resurrect, not how many. No longer is the decision process mind-numbingly centered around watching numbers rise in order to bag that big Ressurect. Now it’s all about questioning which one of your allies is worth bringing back into the fight, and at what time.

There’s now a deeper layer of complexity to playing Mercy, in much the same way you have to carefully plan your timing and target of Nano Boost as Ana.

4. D.Va’s Micro Missiles are a joy to use

Where to start with our love for D.Va’s new offensive ability, Micro Missile? There’s the immensely satisfying delay before they’re unleashed, the steady stream of explosive goodness as the rockets begin to fire, not to mention the way they combo nicely with the peppering from D.Va’s Fusion Cannons.

Yawning used to be more exciting than slowly grinding enemies to death using your Fusion Cannons, but this interchangeability keeps things remarkably refreshing – D.Va’s a blast to play now.

5. Mercy’s new Ultimate ability forces her into the fight

Mercy’s new Ultimate, Valkyrie, not only gives her the ability to fly around the map, it also buffs the rest of her kit. While she’s arguably overpowered in some ways and incredibly difficult to target right now, we’re just happy that she’s in the fight at all!

There’s a major risk/reward element to using Mercy’s Ultimate on the PTR right now, and you’re no longer a mere Resurrect bot.

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