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OWL 2019 Highlights: The best plays from Stage 2 Week 1


A look at some of the best plays from the first week of Stage 2.

Stage 2’s first week has come to a close and it’s certainly been packed with some of the best action of 2019 yet. Rather helpfully, the folks over at Blizzard have published a series of videos which contain some of the greatest moments from each day’s play.

Now that GOATS comp is slowly phasing out, there’s a surprising amount of variety in the Overwatch League again, which is great to see!

Below we’ve highlighted five of the best plays from week one of Stage two and embedded their accompanying videos too.

#5 – Pokpo’s Primal Rage juggles a helpless Reinhardt off the map (1:17)

Pokpo displays some outrageous Primal Rage mechanics as he first juggles an ulting Reinhardt into the air, before maintaining his composure and swatting him off the map and into the abyss.

It’s incredibly how he controls Winston’s jumps and swings during this intense phase of combat, and shows just how good Pokpo’s mechanical ability is.

#4 – Elsa works some magic with the teleporter (1:15)

Elsa uses Symmetra’s Teleporter to devastating effect, first enabling his team to slip through Hanamura’s first chokepoint with ease and then allowing them to cruise into the point largely unscathed. We fully expect to see this tactic being used again, and again, and again…

#3 – Yakpung rolls through the enemy team as Wrecking Ball (0:50)

Neko’s Nano Boost gives Yakpung the go-ahead to steam in and bulldoze his way through the Boston Uprising. First he delivers a huge knockup, goes ahead and shreds Bastion, before careering over a fleeing Widowmaker and turning his attention to the remaining members of the enemy team.

#2 – Ria drops a D.Va bomb off the top rope (1:14)

Ria places his ultimate right on the edge of the first point on Gibraltar, before casually bopping it off the edge with his own body. The poor old Vancouver Titans don’t suspect a thing until it’s too late. D.Va’s mech promptly explodes and wipes out three in one go – beautiful, and wonderfully creative.

#1 – Fury displays inhuman reactions as D.Va (1:35)

Fury’s on D.Va and knows full well that the opposing Zarya is about to throw down her Graviton Surge. So he goes ahead and turns his back like an absolute madman. This baits Zarya into using her Ultimate, which 99.9% of players wouldn’t have been able to interrupt – but not Fury.

This is all going according to Fury’s plan. The moment Zarya’s Graviton leaves her gun, Fury flicks his wrist, turns 90 degrees and soaks it up with Defense Matrix, all in the blink of an eye. Truly ridiculous reactions.

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