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OWL 2019 Highlights: The best plays from Stage 2 Week 2


A closer look at Blizzard's pick of the week's best moments.

The Overwatch League has published a new highlights video which showcases some of the very best plays from Week 2 of Stage 2.

There’s a lovely variety of showstopping plays as you’ve got everything from game-winning boops to huge Reinhardt Earshatters to gawk at.

We’ve embedded the video for you below along with timestamps so you can get straight to each play.

#5 IDK pulls off pivotal boop

0:22 – IDK hides behind a rock during an intense overtime, but he’s not cowering in fear (like we would). He’s actually managed to tuck himself just out of sight, meaning Boston Uprising’s Zarya walks straight past him and gets a sudden shove off the map. This enables them to capitalise on a player advantage and win the final fight.

#4 Linkzr pops off

0:33 – Linkzr demonstrates some impeccable Soldier:76 skills, taking a number of one-one-one fights and completely dominating the opposition. It’s like he’s a robot or something, the way he snaps to targets with ease before timing his rockets perfectly to eliminate opponents unfortunate enough to challenge him to a duel.

#3 Monster channels the Flankyatta

0:58 – New York Excelsior’s Jjonak shows absolutely no fear as Zenyatta, diving into the backline, rattling off orbs and dropping his enemies left and right. Cue everyone in solo-queue locking in the Flankyatta…

#2 Vintage Bumper

1:37 – Bumper’s the Reinhardt king, and he demonstrates this by delivering a ridiculously well-timed Earthshatter seemingly out of nowhere, knocking down practically the entire enemy team and following it up with some big hammer swings and a charge for good measure.

#1 Erster dips in for the 4K

2:07 – It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Tracer play in the OWL, but Erster’s blessed us with a multi-kill for the ages. As both teams are clashing, he slips in from behind, chucks a bomb into the fray and slips back out again. Classic Tracer – never gets old, though.

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