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Fortnite Challenges – Week 7 Challenges list, plus goals on different pitches and treasure map location


Our comprehensive guide to completing every Week 7 Challenge in Fortnite.

Our Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges guide details all of the new Season 4 Challenges, including where to score goals on different pitches and the treasure map location.

It’s Season 4’s seventh week and there’s another set of challenges to complete for rewards that’ll go towards ranking up your Battle Pass. It’s actually a pretty simple affair that’ll see you take on seven challenges which range from eliminating enemies in a specific location or scoring goals in various football pitches across the map.

It might seem like a lot of effort if you just want to get into the action and get on with chasing the Victory Royale, but putting in the graft is well worth it for the number of Battle Stars that you’ll earn. Getting hold of more Battle Stars will translate into more unique cosmetics like Gliders, Backblings and Outfits which you can show off to all your mates!

Some of these challenges are certainly tougher than others as they require almost ridiculous levels of map knowledge, or a hefty dose of luck to find hidden items or perform actions in particularly elusive locations. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through every Week 7 Challenge and provide some tips to beating them in next to no time.

Make sure you check out our Weekly Challenges list page for additional help with challenges from all previous weeks!

Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges List

Here’s a quick overview of all the challenges in Week 7. Click on the links if you want to jump straight to a section that’s causing you particular problems this week!

Those are all of the Fortnite Week 7 Challenges, then, but how do you actually complete them all? Read on for all the help you could possibly need!

Deal Damage with a Pickaxe to opponents

This challenge is surprisingly tricky as you’ll need to get up close and personal with the Pickaxe and deal 250 damage in total to enemies.

For this one, we’d recommend floating near an enemy opponent and landing next to, or near them. Rush them down with your Pickaxe as soon as you can and get into a scrap if possible. Simply chase them down no matter what, and even if they loot a weapon it’s important that you’re still laying into them.

You’re going to die – a lot. The main aim is to accrue damage over the course of a number of matches as once it’s done, it’s done. Just make sure you don’t quit matches early as the damage you’ve racked up won’t count.

Search Chests in Risky Reels

For this challenge your best bet is to dedicate a number of matches to landing in Risky Reels. As soon as you’ve hit the ground running, start scouring the area for any glowing chests and start cracking them open.

Forget your own personal safety and focus all your efforts on getting those chests opened. Play the matches out and you’ll get this challenge done in no time.

Consume foraged items

To get this challenge out of the way, you’ll need to consume 20 foraged items. Both Apples and Mushrooms count towards the total and you’re most likely to find these under trees across the map. Simply make it a habit to consume them whenever you’re in a match and you’ll naturally get the challenge done quickly.

Score a goal on different pitches

As Fortnite’s way of celebrating the 2018 World Cup, you’ll need to score three goals across different pitches on the map. It’s a case of tracking these pitches down, finding the ball and running it into the goal.

To help you find all the pitches on Fortnite’s map, we’ve put together a Where to score a goal on different pitches – Locations explained page which will help you out!

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park

The details of this location have just gone live and we’ve got a Pleasant Park treasure map location guide based on The Goblin’s video below!

A quick reminder that you’ll need to interact with the Battle Stars to complete this challenge!

Assault Rifle Eliminations

To get this challenge ticked off, you’ll need to get hold of an Assault Rifle. This’ll largely come down to luck, but you can increase your chances by rushing towards chests the instant you land.

As soon as you’ve got an Assault Rifle, treat it as your primary weapon and try using it in every scenario. Thankfully they’re incredibly versatile so you won’t be at a huge disadvantage at any ranges.

Almost all the Assault Rifles are well worth picking up, but we’d highly recommend the Burst Assault Rifle as it’s supremely powerful and ridiculously accurate – perfect for getting the job done.

Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts

To complete this final challenge, your best bet is to glide into Shifty Shafts the moment you join the match. Search for a weapon and some gear as soon as you’ve touched ground and get on the offensive right away. Chances are you’ll catch some players off guard before they’ve even had a chance to collect some loot themselves.

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