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Fortnite: Where to score a goal on different pitches – Locations explained


How to find all the football – or soccer – pitches on the Fortnite map so you can complete this week's goal-scoring challenge.

This article explains where to score a goal on different pitches in Fortnite, with a detailed explanation of where to find each pitch.

A new set of weekly challenges has gone live in Fortnite it’ll involve hunting down football – or soccer – pitches on the map. This is no accident of course, as this year’s FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia on the same day!

When you arrive at any of these pitches, you’ll notice that there’s a soccer ball placed on the centre spot. To score a goal, you simply need to give the ball a good whack, ensuring that it passes over one of the goal lines. When that happens you’ll tick off one of the three goals that need to be scored in order for you to tick the task off your list.

Note that it’s important you score goals on three separate pitches on the Fortnite map, and so you’re going to have to scour the land to find three different fields if you want to get your reward this week. Thanks to the wonderful community though, we’ve got the details of all those locations.

Our Weekly Challenges list has your back if you’re struggling to complete a task from any previous week!

Football Pitch locations map

Redditor thesquatingdog has us covered once again when it comes to Fortnite’s weekly challenges and this time they’ve produced another brilliant cheat sheet which shows us exactly where to find all the football pitches across the map.

We’ve linked thesquatingdog’s cheat sheet just below. Click on the image to zoom in if you’re struggling to see some of the highlighted locations.

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All Football Pitch Locations

This video by HarryNinetyFour will show you where to find every football pitch across the map. Bring it up on another screen when you’re playing the game to make life even easier for yourself!

Fatal Fields

On the South East side of Fatal Fields, you’ll find a football pitch in the center of a cornfield that’s filled with scarecrows.

Flush Factory

At the North West side of this location you’ll find a makeshift football pitch in the middle of a car park. Toilets act as the goal posts, so just give the ball a punt through them to tick off one part of the challenge.

North of Pleasant Park

Just above the previous location is another pitch that’s pretty clearly outlined on the map. This playing field is not enclosed, however, and so you can either parachute straight in there, score your goal and look for a fast exit, or head in through one of the entrances that exist along the sides of the building.

Pleasant Park

The next pitch is located in Pleasant Park and it should be very easy for you to spot as you make your approach. It is in fact located right beneath the name of the zone on the map, and the playing field is very clearly marked as such on the mini-map.

Risky Reels

Find the large advertising board right in the centre of Risky Reels and you’ll see the goal dead ahead.

South East of Tomato Town

Make your way over to the shipping container compound to the South East of Tomato Town and you’ll spot a pitch in the car park on the East side. SMack the ball into the small, red shipping container to score a goal!

West of Tilted Towers

As you approach this section of the map you’ll notice a roofed arena that just happens to be about the same length as a football pitch. Land on the roof, smash your way through it and you’ll find a pristine pitch just below, with a ball just waiting to be punted down the pitch.

Now that the challenge has been live for around a week now, we imagine things will have calmed down at these locations and it should be a little easier to get this challenge completed. Of course, do be cautious when you’re approaching each pitch as you never know what opportunists may be lurking in the shadows!

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