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Fortnite: Thanos gameplay video (Twitch & YouTube)


Get a closer look at the new Infinity Gauntlet mode in action.

Our Fortnite Thanos gameplay video page contains Twitch and YouTube video of the new Infinity Gauntlet mode that’s just hit the game.

A new limited-time event has just gone live in Fortnite, and it goes by the name of Infinity Gauntlet. In this new mode, players compete to wield the Infinity Gauntlet, which in turn transforms the player into Avengers baddie Thanos.

The only problem is that the new mode has dropped at a time when many of us are either at work or school, so if you can’t get your hands on the game right now we wanted to at least send some gameplay footage your way.

Use the embeds below to get a good primer on what to expect, then make sure you check out our essential Infinite Gauntlet guide for all the tips, tricks and strategy advice you’re going to need when you get stuck into the new mode for yourself later on today!


Here are two of the game’s biggest streamers, who will no doubt be taking in the new Limited Time mode at some point during their current broadcasts. Check out the YouTube section further down the page if you want an immediate, pre-recorded look at the mode instead.






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Infinity Gauntlet Overview

No idea what’s going on with this new Avengers mash-up? Here’s a really quick overview of what the new mode involves:

  • Shortly after the start of the game, a meteor will crash into the game world somewhere and deliver the titular Infinity Gauntlet.
  • When a player grabs the Gauntlet for themselves, they’ll be instantly transformed into Thanos from the Avengers movie.
  • Thanos provides a number of new abilities, such as a structure – and player – smashing fist attack, a damage-over-time blast ability, extra shields and health, and enhanced mobility.
  • When the Thanos-player is killed, the Gauntlet will drop and a new player will be able to claim it.
  • If the Gauntlet isn’t picked up within a certain amount of time, a new meteor will crash and deliver a new one elsewhere on the game map.
  • As always, the last player standing emerges victorious from the mode!

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