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Fortnite: Week 8 Challenges guide


Our complete guide to completing all Week 8 Challenges in Fortnite.

Our Fortnite: Week 8 Challenges guide contains details of the new Season 3 Challenges, featuring Dance Floor locations and Search Between Three Boats.

A whole host of new Challenges are going live to mark Week 8 of Fortnite, and the next crop of tasks follows a familiar pattern. Players will be sent of missions to acquire regional kills, bagging eliminations with certain weapon types, hunting down hidden locations and exploring unique areas around the map.

As always, there’s a great deal to worth through and to help you get everything finished off nice and quickly, we’ve put together a guide to getting them all done and dusted in next to no time. Below we’ve broken down every one of Week 8’s challenges into separate sections with advice on how to complete them all, as well as links to some of our more in-depth articles that’ll explain how to get them done in a little more detail.

Without further ado, here are all of Week 8’s Challenges. Simply click on one and it’ll bring you to a separate section dedicated to helping you complete it!

Fortnite: Week 8 Challenges

Here’s a brief glance at every Week 8 Challenge coming to Fortnite.

These are all of Week 8’s Challenges in Fortnite, then. Just below we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for getting each one finished without too much fuss.

Use a Vending Machine

This one’s pretty self explanatory and quite simple to get out of the way. All you have to do is use one Vending Machine across the entirety of Fortnite’s map. If you exchange spare building materials with a Vending Machine, you’ll be given a randomised reward – it’s super-simple stuff.

To help you get as close to a Vending Machine as possible when parachuting in, make sure you check out our Vending Machine locations page. Get in there, grab an item, but make sure you finish your match from there otherwise it almost certainly won’t count.

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents

To get this Week 8 challenge ticked off on the list, you’ll need to deal a grand total of 1,000 damage to opponents using any Explosive Weapon.

Here’s every item in Fortnite that qualifies as an Explosive Weapon:

  • Grenade
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Guided Missile
  • Remote Explosive
  • Rocket Launcher

Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you complete it quickly:

  • You don’t need to secure kills with Explosive weapons, just deal damage to them. Try and pick up any Explosive weapon you see and make the most of it during fights you find yourself in.
  • Be liberal with your Grenades and rockets. Chuck them into forts and even consider exploding your opponents up close if it means securing the kill.
  • We’d recommend getting hold of Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Guided Missiles and Grenade Launchers if you want an easier time wracking up damage points. Rocket Launchers and Guided Missiles are the most versatile out of the lot, so make sure you keep hold of them when looting.
  • There’s no need to rush, as there’s no rule that says this challenge needs to be completed within the week in question. Weekly Challenges roll over throughout each season, so you’ve got still plenty of time to wrap this one up before Season 3 concludes.

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Search Chests in Snobby Shores

For this one, it’s all about heading to Snobby Shores from the get-go and scouring the area for as many chests as possible. You’ll have to crack open a total of seven chests here, and that’s all while fending off other players as well.

We’d suggest actually ignoring anyone else and beelining it towards the tinkle of chests instead. This way at least you’ll be working towards challenge completion, and hopefully get to them before the enemy does!

Of course, you could always leave this challenge unfinished for a while and come back to it later when the area has calmed down a bit.

Redditor squatingdog has created an extremely helpful Snobby Shores chest map which details where you should be looking to crack open chests in this area.

From the map, it seems as if your best bet is to land to the North as there’s a higher concentration of chest spawns in these houses which are remarkably close together.

Dance on different Dance Floors

This challenge involves visiting three Taco Shops dotted around Fortnite’s map in a single match. It’s all about finding the optimal route and hopefully not encountering too much resistance on your travels.

To complete this challenge you’ll have to visit three different Dance Floors scattered across Fortnite’s map.

To help you out, we’ve stripped out the fuss and found every Dance Floor location for you, and also provided an optimal route for you to take so as to complete this one in just one take. Check out our All Dance Floor locations page for a detailed look at all their positions across the map.

Search between Three Boats

This week’s treasure challenge involves searching for some Battle Stars that have been hidden away between “Three Boats”. This video by Tabor Hill shows you exactly where to find the star hidden away on Loot Lake.

If you’re unable to watch it at school – or at work – we’ve got an in-depth text version over on our Search Between Three Boats location page. Nice and easy, however you choose to go about it.

Assault Rifle Eliminations

Again, this one’s pretty self-explanatory and involves taking out enemies with Assault Rifles. While the explosive weapons challenge is all about delivering damage, this one requires you to secure eliminations, so do bear that in mind.

First off, you’ll need to root around for an Assault Rifle first – anything will do. From here, go about your usual game but try and exclusively use your Assault Rifle to deal damage and take out enemies. This way you’ll naturally get the challenge done over time.

This challenge becomes even simpler if you’re playing with a duo partner or in squads. You can share an Assault Rifle around and gift downed enemies for allies to finish off.

Eliminate Enemies in Dusty Depot

Focus on landing at this location, looting rapidly and getting into fights nice and early on. You simply need to kill a total of three other players in Dusty Depot to finish up this one.

With this in mind, do be aware that everyone will be heading straight here when Week 8’s Challenges go live! Take your time if need be, and wait for things to cool down before going for completion.

If you’re committed to getting this done as soon as possible, we’d recommend constantly landing here early, aiming to pick up a weapon and going for kills straight away. If you die, or run out of enemies to kill, simply exit the game and enter another match.

That concludes the third edition of our guide to completing all of Week 8’s Challenges in Fortnite. We’ll be updating this article regularly over the next few days, and particularly once we’ve been able to get stuck into the new content for ourselves this Thursday.

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