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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How to get Gold Coins fast


How to fill your pockets quickly.

Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate How to get Gold Coins guide explains how they work and the fastest way to earn Gold Coins.

Gold coins in Super Smash Bros Ultimate allow you to purchase all sorts of in-game items, like new costumes for your favourite fighters, music tracks, snacks for your Spirits and Support items too.

You’ll earn gold coins naturally as you play the game. Almost every game mode rewards you with gold coins upon completion, but there’s one particular way of earning them which requires little to no effort at all.

Below we’ve outlined the fastest way to get your hands on gold coins. If you think we’ve missed out a better method, feel free to let us know in the comments section and we might include it in this guide.

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How to get gold coins fast in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As we’ve mentioned above, you’ll earn gold coins by simply playing almost every mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

One way of increasing your gold earning rate without cheesing the system is to up the difficulty rating. By taking on challenges which are above your Power Level, you’ll not only earn more EXP, but also gold coins too.

While online is notoriously shaky, you can earn a fair amount from completing matches if you’re into the competitive side of things. World of Light isn’t a bad place to start either, as while you go about unlocking new characters and Spirits, you’ll be earning a steady stream of gold the whole way.

If you want gold coins fast though, you’ll want to set up a custom match between you and either the CPU or a player who’s willing to go afk for a while.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate awards gold coins based on controller inputs, rather than time played. Running, jumping, attacking and even ducking will incrementally increase the amount of gold you’ll earn at the end of the match.

Duck, stand up, duck, stand up. Repeat this process for as long as you can muster for a few minutes and you’ll earn yourself a huge number of coins for such minimal effort. If you’re ever in dire need of a quick cash injection, just resort to this method.

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