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Overwatch: New Skins and Other Loot Box Items – 2018


All of the new cosmetic items being added to the regular Loot Box system in 2018!

On this page you’ll find all of the new 2018 Overwatch skins and other cosmetic items being added to the regular Loot Box pool.

A whole new heap of cosmetic items are about to be added to Overwatch with the next update, scheduled for Tuesday 23rd January 2018. These items will be added to the general Loot Box pool, along with half a dozen or so Blizzard World skins that are being released to mark the launch of that new map.

Blizzard has begun the process of teasing some of these new items on its social media accounts, and we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight them here on geeksplatform. Once the new content is actually live in the game client, we’ll be busy grabbing screenshots of all the latest skins, sprays and what have you, and adding them here so you can see what’s new at a glance.

UPDATE 23rd January 2018

All of the new loot boox items will be added to the game when the content update goes live later on this evening. We’ve added in the Emote, Epic and Legendary Skin reveals that have taken place recently. Not long to go now!

Overwatch: New Hero Emotes – 2018

Overwatch: New Legendary Skins – 2018

A handful of heroes have been neglected somewhat when it comes to the tastiest Legendary skins. Hopefully you’ll agree that this new look for Pharah remedies that!

As soon as Blizzard confirms the other new Legendary skins, we’ll pop them in here.

Lucio’s new Legendary skin has also been revealed! Check it our right here:

D.Va’s the next up for a new Legendary item:

And finally, here’s Hanzo’s amazing new Legendary skin:

Overwatch: New Epic Skins – 2018

Here are all of the new Epic skins that will be coming to Overwatch when the next content update goes live:

Overwatch: New Sprays – 2018

Here’s a snapshot of all of the new sprays that are being added to Overwatch next week.

That’s all for the first edition of our guide to the new Overwatch skins and loot box items being added to the game in 2018. Stay tuned for another update as and when new items are revealed by Blizzard.

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