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Rainbow Six Siege: Lion guide – Tips, tricks, loadout and strategy advice


Everything you need to know about the second new operator coming to the game in March.

Our Rainbox Six Siege Lion guide contains tips, tricks, loadout and strategy advice for the new Attack operator and his EE-One-D Drone.

Two brand new operators are being added to Rainbow Six Siege when the new Chimera update goes live at the start of March, and one of the most interesting new arrivals is a character who goes by the name of Lion.

Lion is an ex-French army soldier with an incredible drone known as the EE-One-D, which hovers above the entire battlefield and can be used to scan the action below a total of three times per round. Anyone who’s caught moving at the time of the scan becomes highlighted on the UI of Lion as well as his teammates’.

It’s potentially powerful stuff for your squad, but as you’d expect not everything is quite as black and white as it might seem at first glance. In our Lion guide, we’ve got a complete overview of what to expect from the operator when he goes live, along with some vital tips and tricks that you’re going to want to know about – whether you’re playing with Lion or against him.

Rainbow Six Siege: Lion FAQ and Background

Here’s the official video that was recently released by Ubisoft to announce both Lion and the other new operator Finka. Lion’s section commences at around the 2:00 minute mark in the video below.

If you’re not able to watch the entire thing, here’s the complete lowdown based on the video:

  • Lion is a potentially formidable fighting presence on any team, thanks to the indestructible aerial drone he deploys which hovers continously in the sky.
  • This drone is called the EE-One-D and it’s capable of scanning the entire map at any given time. If an enemy player is moving while Lion activates the drone scan, they’ll be added to the UI of every team member – not just Lion!
  • As the video mentions, this advantage can be used in any number of different scenarios, such as dealing with people bothering your spawn point, or defending a diffuser that’s been planted.
  • There’s no guarantee the scan will give the results you want, however. Once Lion starts a scan, both attackers and defenders will see a countdown which informs them a scan is incoming.
  • Once the scan has actually begun you’ll see a visual effect on screen as well as a timer which indicates how long the scan will actually last.
  • There’s a cooldown to manage with Lion’s scan too, and regardless of this cooldown he can only make use of the drone a total of three times in any given round.
  • Defenders can avoid being caught in the scan’s snare by simply standing still while it’s active. Note that you can still conduct some movements without being caught. You can rotate in place, look down your sights, fire your weapon, and even change your stance without being detected. Move so much as an inch off your current spot though and you’ll be tagged, so be careful.
  • Mute’s jammers can be used to disrupt the drone scan, but if you leave the jamming radius then you will get caught, so don’t get too cocky with your positioning.
  • A canny defending team can actually turn the tables and use the scan to bait the other team. Have one defender trigger the scan, then enjoy unleashing an ambush on any attacking forces that rush in to take their target down.

Rainbox Six Siege: Lion Loadout

Here’s all the confirmed loadout information for Lion:


  • V308
  • 417 Marksman Rifle
  • SG-CQB


  • P9 Pistol
  • LFP586


  • Claymore
  • Stun Grenade

Rainbox Six Siege: Lion Gameplay and Tips

Here’s an interesting video of Lion gameplay which you might find gives you a good primer in playing the character. We’ve highlighted a couple of key points from the video, but make sure you watch the whole thing as it goes into much greater depth.

  • You must cooperate with your team to get the most out of Lion and coordinate use of the drone carefully. Don’t expect people to move deliberately into the scan.
  • To make it more effective, you should force the team to move during the scan, making use of firepower and grenades to encourage the other team to get very mobile, veyr quickly!

That’s all for the first edition of our Lion guide. We’ll have more updates for you in the future once the content has made it onto the live servers and we’ve had a chance to play around with it ourselves. Have fun!

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