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Paladins: Battlegrounds – Pip guide 2018: Tips, tricks and strategy advice


How to play one of the most popular Support healers in Paladins.

Our Paladins: Battlegrounds Pip guide contains tips, tricks and strategy advice for each of his abilities.

Pip’s long been one of our favourite Support heroes in Paladins, and we suspect he’s only going to become more popular in the Battlegrounds mode of the game.

Not only can this little fella dish out a decent amount of healing to help keep the team ticking over, he can also dish out a surprising amount of damage too. This blend of offense and defense should prove pretty useful in Battlegrounds skirmishes of all types and in varying team compositions.

Hi-Rez have actually produced a pretty neat video for playing Pip which we’ve embedded for you below. You can find a summary of the main points underneath, and we’ve also included some of our own tips and tricks which you might want to think about working into your play time with this very versatile champion.

Paladins: Battlegrounds – Pip Skills

Here’s a closer look at each one of Pip’s skills:

LMB – Potion Launcher. This fires volatile potions that explode in an area on impact. The flight speed and trajectory differs from other weapons, and it’s not like using a precision weapon at all – you’ll have to get used to landing shots but it’ll come together eventually. In addition, you’ll find it much easier to target enemies from above than below.

You don’t need to worry about headshots when it comes to using Pip’s main left-click as they can’t register. As long as you hit your target on the body, you’re going to be OK. Do keep in mind though that if your shot lands off to the side, the enemy will only get tapped by the splash element of your projectiles, not the main hit. There’s quite a big difference between those values.

RMB – Explosive Flask – When this hits an enemy player they’ll not just take a bit of damage but they’ll also be slowed for some time. It’s like walking through treacle and it gives Pip a great chance to get more shots in. In fact, land an LMB click right afterwards and you’ll do bonus damage, potentially giving you an opportunity to finish the target off in pretty fast order. Only the first shot after using Explosive Flask gets that bonus damage modifier, though. You’ll need to keep reapplying RMB to have the effect trigger again.

F – Weightless – Activate Weightless when it’s off cooldown and Pip gains a huge amount of mobility, bounding around the map and losing any debuffs that might have been applied to him in the process. Don’t forget that you can also keep firing while bouncing around the map, but you can’t use Explosive Flask (RMB) while in this mode.

Q – Healing Potion – This skill burst-heals both Pip and his nearby teammates, but try to drop this potion at your feet if you want to get a decent shot of healing yourself. The Healing Potion can only restore so much health, but there’s no limit to how many friendly teammates it can heal when it’s triggered, so it’s potentially a huge advantage in any team brawl.

E – Evil Mojo – When you lob Evil Mojo into a group of enemies they’ll be transformed into chickens with around 1500 health. This is a good way of bringing tanks down to size in particular. If there’s a bothersome enemy champion on the other team that just won’t die, try turning them into fried chicken first and then have your team obliterate them quickly.

One final tip here. Make sure you reload before hitting E, as you don’t want to waste any precious time reloading your weapon. If enemies aren’t killed after being transformed, they will be restored to their previous health value when the effect wears off. For that reason it’s really important that you do everything you can to both prioritise targets and get them picked off quickly and cleanly.

Paladins: Battlegrounds – Advanced Pip Tips

Here are some extra tips and tricks that should help you get to grips with Pip.

  • Practise aiming that parabolic shot, and whenever possible try to position yourself in battle so that you’re first of all behind your team’s front lines and secondly at height. It’s a lot easier to hit people below you with these sorts of shots than from above.
  • Although it’s true you do a little splash damage if you’re slightly off-target, you should still be focusing on landing direct shots. The extra damage really is worthwhile so keep practising.
  • As versatile as Pip is, try to avoid going Rambo and biting off more than you can chew. You are a Support character when all is said and done, and that means you’re most valuable when you have someone’s back (or many people’s backs!)
  • You should use Weightless pretty liberally, and pop it as soon as you realise you’re in a position you can’t handle. It’s worth getting used to firing in this mode as well, as it can turn you into a killing machine that the enemy will struggle to even target, let alone land a shot on.
  • Always try to extract as much value as you can from Healing Flask. It only does so much health, after all, and so try to wait until you have a bunch of friendly targets nicely bunched up for a big heal.

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