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Realm Royale: Tips, tricks and strategy advice


Our Realm Royale Tips and Tricks guide contains a wealth of strategy advice to help you improve and win more games.

Let’s be honest, the Battle Royale genre doesn’t really need an in-depth introduction at this point and you all know the drill by now. First you’re dropped onto a map with many other players and then it’s up to you to survive and emerge as the last person – or team – standing. Hi-Rez’s latest offering takes this familiar formula but adds its own class-based twist, not to mention horses and chickens too.

Realm Royale introduces classes, skills, disenchanting, mounts and all sorts of armour and weapons to the formula. Overall it feels like a blend between an MMO, a MOBA and a Battle Royale game with its skill-based fights that don’t just rely on who’s got the most accurate rifle.

All these new elements also mean that there’s a lot to this game that you won’t be familiar with from playing other titles like PUBG and Fortnite. How does the Forge work? What class should I pick? Below we’ll do our best to answer all of these questions and provide strategy advice that’ll get you up and running in Realm Royale in no time.

Our Realm Royale Guide is a great place to get an overview of all the game has to offer, so make sure you give it a read when you’re done here!

Realm Royale Tips and Tricks

Get your settings sorted

Before you drop into a match, make sure you head into the options menu and get your Video and Control settings all sorted out. Assign yourself keybinds and keyboard controls which’ll make things far more comfortable in combat, as well as give you much speedier key inputs too.

Realm Royale’s also all about shooting your enemies and for this you’ll want a mouse sensitivity that you’re comfortable using. We’d recommend setting it at around 400 or 800DPI and tinkering with the in-game sensitivity settings before testing it out in a match. Doing this will make a world of difference to your game!

Choose the right class

There are five classes to choose from: Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and Hunter. They all have a number of different abilities, cater for a variety of playstyles and will each have specific strengths and weaknesses.

As you can imagine, the Warriors are built for close-range combat, Engineers can deploy turrets and barricades, Assassins thrive on stealth, Mages hit hard with devastating spells and Hunters operate from afar with dodge rolls and traps aplenty.

Each class also has its own passive ability which provides some added bonuses right from the get-go.

It’s all about identifying which class suits your playstyle and what sort of role you’d like to play. This is also very important when you’re playing with a friend as certain classes can compliment each other nicely.

Don’t forget to mount up

Press [Z] and you’ll summon a horse which is perfect for either a quick getaway or a hasty aggressive maneuver.

Do remember though that when you’re on horseback you’ll be easy to spot and more vulnerable to nearby enemies.

If you are zapped while mounted, you will be dismounted so if your plan is to run away, get on with it nice and quickly and don’t give the enemy a chance to catch up with you.

Keep a close eye on the map

You can open up the map in-game by simply hitting the Tab key on PC. If you’re wondering what those little yellow anvil icons are by the way, these are Forges. It’s here that you can spend the Shards you’ve gathered by disenchanting items in order to gain new equipment. See further below for more details on both Shards and Forges.

As each match wears out you’ll also notice the playable area shrinking. It’s important that you stay out of the red zones or you’ll die pretty quickly. Always have one eye on the map and be ready to move to a new advantageous position when the shrinking countdown begins (The message reads “Fog preparing to converge”)

Pick your weapons wisely

Make sure you’ve got all bases covered with the weapons you’ve got equipped. We wouldn’t recommend having a Sword and Shotgun equipped, as it would severely hamstring your long to mid-range offensive capabilities. No matter what situation you’re in, you’d be forced to close the gap to deal any damage. It’s far too predictable and very risky against an opponent who’s ready for your charge.

Instead we’d recommend having a combination of both a long to mid range weapon and a short range weapon in your arsenal. This way you’ll be ready for any type of fight that comes your way. Shotguns and Swords are brilliant at tackling foes up close and personal, while a Rifle of some kind is a perfect way of denting health bars from a distance.

Don’t forget to use your abilities

It may seem incredibly obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many times we’ve had to remind ourselves – get into the habit of using your abilities in a fight.

Make sure that you’re not just shooting enemies in an encounter, but focusing on utilising the power of your abilities as well. Much of this comes down to muscle memory so force yourself into pressing those ability keys until it becomes a natural part of your game.

Avoid standing around

It’s easy to panic when you’ve been jumped on by an opponent and completely freezing up is one reaction we’ve come across a fair deal. Scrambling backwards frantically switching between weapons and fumbling abilities is easier said than done when you’ve not had ample time to prepare for a fight. That’s why it’s important to try and keep a cool head in a tricky situation.

If you’re in a pinch, you’re automatically on the backfoot. In this situation your first port of call should be backpedalling and positioning yourself in a better place. Use your abilities to blink, roll or thrust out of there before thinking about how best to utilise your weapons and offensive spells to inflict some damage and make them think twice about challenging you.

Disenchant the useless stuff

Realm Royale’s home to a unique feature that allows you to disenchant any loot you stumble across that doesn’t take your fancy. Disenchanting loot transforms it into Shards which you can use for crafting at the Forge (which we’ll explain below).

The rarer the loot, the more Shards you’ll earn. So with this in mind, you’ll want to disenchant absolutely everything you don’t need – just make sure it won’t help your team first! [Realm Royale: How to get more Shards and spend them at the Forge]

Forge your gear

The Shards you earn from disenchanting items can be spent at the Forge.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • 30 Shards – Health and Armour Potions
  • 60 Shards – Random Legendary Armour Piece
  • 90 Shards – Random Legendary Class Ability
  • 120 Shards – Random Legendary Weapon

The more Shards you throw in, the more gear you’ll get out of it. Bear in mind that the Forge doesn’t instantly spew out your items and the valuable items can take up to a whole minute to create.

With this in mind, you’ll need to watch the circle before deciding to craft anything as you don’t want to be taking damage for free. What’s more, make sure the area’s clear before going ahead and depositing your Shards – you don’t want to get backstabbed while waiting for that Legendary Armour piece to pop out. The Forge gives off smoke when it’s in use, alerting nearby players.

When it comes to the forging strategy, the general wisdom of the crowd suggests that you should prioritise gaining your Legendary Weapon before any other items. Yes it’s the most expensive item to craft but it’s also the most impactful and you’ll be picking up armour and other equipment as you play the game anyway.

Loot up quickly

As soon as you land, you’ll want to scour the map for loot chests. Crack them open, equip gear and this way you’ll be able to get on the offensive or defend yourself.

The rounder, taller chests contain weapons and abilities, while the shorter rectangular chests only hold potions. We’d recommend making a beeline for the former as getting hold of weapons will give you a much stronger advantage in the early game.

Your first priority is going to be to get your hands on a better weapon than the dagger you start out with. Don’t panic if you don’t find something better though, as your dagger actually does around 400 damage and is more than capable of finishing off an equally under-geared opponent.

Get your landing right

Getting off to a good start in Realm Royale isn’t just down to where you land, but how you land too.

Landing far away from buildings will only increase the time it’ll take to crack open chests and gear up, so try your best to land in the centre of doorways or on ledges where you can leg it straight into a building from the get go. [Realm Royale: How to land faster]

Here’s an easy speed boost

When you land from a height, you’ll do a ground pound style maneuver. You’ll smash your fist into the ground Iron Man style and it’ll actually leave you completely vulnerable for a second – not ideal. You can actually offset this little delay by using your movement ability the instant you enter this animation, which is worth doing if you know that an enemy’s nearby.

More Realm Royale guides

Always swap for the strongest stuff

It goes without saying that whenever you encounter weapons and armour out in the world, you should always take into account their rarity level, compare them to your current equipment and swap them out for a stat boost.

It’s believed that in the current patch, rarer items only have reduced cooldowns rather than enhanced stats. Given the game’s Alpha status at the time of publishing though, this is of course subject to change. [Realm Royale: All weapons tier list with stats]

Grab the best abilities

When you start a game you won’t actually have any abilities to use (beyond your basic starter ability), so it’s up to you to find them by cracking open chests. Your inventory slots only allow two weapons and two skills to be equipped at any one time, so you’ll need to decide which skills you’d like to do battle with.

In terms of selecting the right skills, it’s very much a question of personal choice. Try them all out in a variety of scenarios and see which one you find the most effective. Considering you can only equip a maximum of two, it’s worth taking into account how both skills synergise with each other. Question whether you want straight-up damage, or a touch of healing and utility too.

Don’t be afraid of heights

Realm Royale’s the only Battle Royale game out there at the moment which doesn’t have any fall damage. Don’t be afraid to jump from a height if you’ve found yourself in a real pinch! It’s much more important that you live to fight another chicken…

Hop between Forges

You’ll only be able to craft one piece of Legendary Armour at a particular Forge, so you’ll need to visit a number of them if you’re after a complete set. From what we’ve played of the game so far, we’ve found it absolutely crucial that you’re wearing at least 3 or 4 pieces of Legendary gear as you approach the final moments of a match. Why? Competition is fierce and more often than not, we’ve found enemies in the final circle always seem to sport the very best stuff.

With this in mind, try not to stay in one place at a time and keep moving between Forges as the circle constricts. While it’s a riskier strategy than most, it’s one that’ll win you more games in the long run.

Chicken out

Unlike other Battle Royale games, you’ll turn into a chicken when your health bar reaches zero. Survive long enough without being blasted into a puff of feathers and you’ll be given a second chance at life.

When you’re in chicken form do your absolute utmost to flee from the scene. Use windows, ledges and doorways to your advantage and don’t forget to make the most of the third person camera to anticipate your opponent’s movements as well.

From the other perspective, leave no chicken alive! It’s really important that you chase down your victims and finish them off properly to ensure there’s no – wait for it – fowl play…

Sometimes it’s best not to cluck

Remember that when you’re in Chicken Form, you’ll only cluck and bawk when moving. If you think you’ve lost your enemy in the back alleys, then it might be worth tucking yourself away in a hidden spot, standing still and hoping that your silence will be enough for the revive timer to tick down.

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