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[Sponsored Post] How Pro Gamers Helped Design the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset


geeksplatform occasionally hosts sponsored articles, paid for by advertisers. For more detail on how we handle this kind of content, please see our Sponsored Post policy. This particular article is brought to you by Logitech.

Leading sports equipment manufacturers know that when designing new gear, getting input from the athletes who depend on their gear is absolutely essential.

So it makes perfect sense that if you’re designing gear with pro gamers in mind, you really need to get some input from actual pro gamers. These are the people who can tell you what features really matter, and what areas in existing gear could be improved.

That’s how Logitech G approached the task of designing its new Pro Gaming Headset. Pro esports teams helped shed light on exactly what they needed in a headset that complemented their gaming skills and gave them that extra competitive edge.

The pro gamers were clear in what they needed. Naturally they wanted precise, high-quality sound so that they could pick up every in-game audio cue and be ready to react. They also needed great noise isolation so that the distractions of the outside world couldn’t put them off their game. And to ensure clear team communications they insisted on a pro-grade microphone.

That’s not all, though. As well as delivering in the audio department, the pro gamers also wanted a headset that was ready for anything. It had to be durable, reliable and versatile, and most importantly, it had to be super-comfortable and lightweight. After all, there’s no point having all this high-end performance if the end result becomes painful to wear after just a couple of hours. The pros need something they can wear all day and all night if necessary without even realizing it’s there.

In short, they want nothing more and nothing less than it takes to win. It all adds up to a pretty tall order, but Logitech G has risen to the challenge with its new Pro Gaming Headset.

Its patent-pending, hybrid mesh Pro G audio drivers have been designed to pump out clear and precise sound right across the audio spectrum so that you’ll hear everything you need to, from booming explosions and gunshots through to quiet footsteps and vital voice communication. It’s compatible with surround sound systems such as Windows Sonic 7.1 and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, so not only can you hear everything, you can also pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from for added situational awareness.

And thanks to the Pro Gaming Headset’s passive noise isolation you won’t need to worry about unwanted background noise putting you off your game. Its premium leatherette ear pads create a seal around your ears, providing up to 50 percent more noise isolation than other pads, and reducing distractions to the absolute minimum.

Rounding off the Pro Gaming Headset’s impressive audio features is its pro-grade microphone. Built for maximum clarity even in the noisy environment of a pro tournament, it boasts a wider frequency response, lower signal to noise ratio and higher sensitivity than other mics. Additionally, it eliminates unwanted distortion with a full-size pop filter, so you can be certain that your voice comms come through loud and clear, whatever the situation.

If you’re expecting all this amazing audio tech to result in a weighty and uncomfortable headset, think again. The Pro Gaming Headset uses advanced materials and smart design to achieve a supremely light and comfortable fit that’s perfect for long hours of wear in the most intense competitive gaming situations.

Its headband features TR90 nylon, stainless steel sliders and glass fiber-reinforced nylon joints, along with a polymer shell and fork, to combine maximum strength and durability with a lightweight construction. And the soft foam in its noise isolating ear pads means that you can keep them on all day—and all night if necessary—without your ears getting sore.

The Pro Gaming Headset is designed to be a must-have piece of pro kit for professional gamers, but it’s built for every gaming situation, whether you’re fighting it out at a PC gaming tournament or playing for fun on a console at home. In addition to its pro-grade mic, it also comes with a PC/console cable that you can use with any gaming platform including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and a dual mic and audio PC splitter cable so that you’re all set up for LAN parties, tournaments and events.

If you want crystal-clear audio combined with maximum comfort and durability to the exacting standards demanded by esports professionals, the Pro Gaming Headset is all you need. It’s available right now from Logitech G with free delivery, so there’s no excuse for missing out on that extra competitive edge.

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