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The Division 2: Key Locations guide – Where to find Hyena, Outcast and True Sons keys


How to find every faction key.

Our Division 2 Key Locations guide explains where to find Hyena Keys, Outcast Keys and True Sons faction keys to help you open chests.

The Division 2’s a “looter-shooter” and this means the game’s absolutely filled to the brim with loot. Not only this, but it’s also loaded with baddies to riddle with bullets. Many of them belong to different – not very friendly – organisations, like the Hyenas, Outcasts and True Sons.

As evil organisations have a habit of doing, they’ve conveniently stashed away powerful loot in chests which you’ll want to get your hands on. Trouble is, you’ll need a key to crack them open – these crooks have thought this through, to some extent.

If you encounter a Hyena Chest, you’ll need a corresponding Hyena Key for example. They’re locations are randomised to some extent, but the locations you’ll find them in all follow the same pattern – head into their underground lairs.

Below we’ve done our best to steer you in the right direction for tracking down these keys.

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Where to find Hyena Keys, Outcast and True Sons Keys

First things first, you’ll find all of these keys in key cabinets/grey lockers affixed to walls. Interact with them and they’ll drop you a key corresponding to which territory you’re in, simply check the bottom left of your screen to see which key you receive.

For example, if you’re in a Hyena controlled area, or taking part in a Hyena side mission, then you’re likely to get a Hyena key dropped from one of these lockers. Again, the same goes for Outcast and True Sons related missions and areas.

The community has had great success in finding these keys in underground areas. They’re randomised to some degree, so it’s a case of heading into these underground tunnels and scouring the walls for these key cabinets and hoping you get a little lucky.

For a quick and easy way of getting a Hyena Key, you’ll want to head to the “Underground Entrance” directly south of the White House. It’s a ladder leading down into a manhole. Simply head down and begin moving through the tunnels, scanning for key cabinets as you go.

For other faction keys, head to their areas and look out for underground tunnel entrances and apply the same strategy.

This video by OneShot shows the process in action:

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