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The Division 2: Leveling guide – How to hit level 30 fast


Here's how to reach the endgame quickly.

Our The Division 2 Leveling guide explains how to hit level 30 fast and reach endgame content as quickly as possible.

If you’re aiming for The Division 2’s endgame content, you’ll need to climb a total of 30 levels. For those of us who don’t have that much time during the day, this means it can take a long time to achieve. Some players will want to take their time soaking up the sights of Washington D.C. and complete activities at their own leisure. On the flipside, there are others who want to reach the level cap as soon as possible and start the gear grind for the very best loot in the game.

We’ve put together this guide to help those who want to reach the endgame in double-quick time, as it can be difficult to know which activities are the most efficient way of earning EXP considering there are so many things to do in The Division 2.

Below we’ve rounded up a few tips which should help you power level to 30. Do chime in down below if you think we’ve missed anything and we may just slot it into the article. What’s more, we’ll keep this page updated as more levelling strategies come our way.

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How to level fast in The Division 2

We’ve based our tips of Arekkz Gaming’s video which we’ve posted down below:

Do make sure to give the video a watch and consider subscribing to their channel. They’re easily one of the best Division 2 (and many other games, besides) content creators out there, and are well worth following to keep up with the game’s development, or if you need further tips too.

So, without further ado, here are some top tips to level up fast in The Division 2:

Unlock the XP bonus packs

As soon as you’re able to visit the Quartermaster at you base of operations, make sure you pay them a visit. Here you can spend SHD Tech to unlock certain skills and perks, like adding a secondary weapon slot, extra backpack space and the like. However, you’ll want to focus your attention on the XP bonus perks as soon as possible.

The first unlock is entitled “Headshot Accolade” and it’s marked clearly with a small “XP” by its icon. Having this will award you bonus XP for any headshot kills you earn – nice.

Start channeling your SHD Tech into this perk tree and you’ll start earning all sorts of bonus XP rewards for kills, destroying weak points, multikills and much more.

Complete main missions

This goes without saying, but if you want to level up fast and earn a decent chunk of XP, then this is one of the best ways of doing so.

It’s recommended that you take on these missions at the recommended level, otherwise the enemies will be harder to handle. Even if you manage complete it, the gulf between your level and the next mission requirement will be even higher too.

Crack on with Control Points

Open up your map and you’ll notice a bunch of areas which are controlled by enemy factions. It’s your job to bust into these areas (again, pay attention to the recommended level) and take out all the enemies.

Early in the game you’ll be given a Flare Gun which will allow you to trigger these public events by wandering into these areas and holding down the interact button when prompted.

Wipe out all the enemies and the endboss and you’ll not only receive a lovely hunk of XP, but you’ll notice a “Supply Room” will open. Search the area for this room as it’ll contain a stash filled with particularly juicy gear rewards.

Equip the XP bonus mods

As you progress through the game and start unlocking some of the nicer gear, you’ll also start earning mods for your weapons. Many of them will boost things like weapon accuracy and reload times, but some of the offer bonus XP percentiles.

Happen across any mods that grant bonus XP on kills? Slap them on.

Work towards Projects

Projects are a great way of earning large hits of XP as you’ll complete them naturally while out and about in The Division 2. They often boil down to donating resources find out in the world, or neutralising a certain number of targets.

Make sure that you’re constantly keeping tabs on what Projects need completing and check back to see if you’re close to cashing in.

Don’t scrap or sell your gear too hastily

It’s mighty tempting to sell your garbage gear or scrap it straight away, but try not to. Instead, save your duplicates and unwanted items so you can donate it to Projects which need completing. This way you’ll cash in much more of a bonus and accelerate your leveling. Good things come to those who wait…

Try and save some Side Missions

While it’s tempting to barrel through Side Missions as quickly as possible for the loot gains, it’s actually worth saving some for once you’ve completed the main campaign.

This is due to the fact that Side Missions reward you with 33% of your total XP earned no matter what level you are, so it’s a great way of boosting your level as you approach 30.

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