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This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Nefarian Rising


Team up and take down Nefarian together in the return of Hearthstone's co-op Brawl.

Nefarian Rising has returned in this week’s Tavern Brawl rotation, and it’s only the second time we’ve been able to play this team challenge since it first made its debut back in the summer of 2016.

In this cooperative Brawl, one player pilots a Shaman deck while the other takes on Priest – who gets which role is determined randomly when you queue up. The objective is to work together to obliterate Nefarian, who has a whopping 200 points of Health and the Taunt ability.

At the end of each turn Nefarian swaps over to the other side of the board, so that the other player can have their chance at taking him down. He’ll also cast a random spell from his deck each time as well.

At 160 Health, Nefarian gains five points of Attack and casts Elemental Eruption, which does 5-6 damage to all minions. At 60 Health he gains yet another five points of Attack and casts Twisted Light, which restores 30 points of his Health and does 30 points of damage to every minion. Ouch.

It’s a tough challenge to overcome, one which requires both players to really know what they’re doing. Hearthpwn has a handy collection of tips to get you up to speed, as well as a snapshot of the unique spells Nefarian has at his disposal.

Good luck!

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