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Darius Aggro deck list guide – Season of Fortune – Legends of Runeterra (July 2020)


This deck has very little chill.

Our Darius Aggro deck list guide features the best Darius Aggro deck for the Season of Fortune in Legends of Runeterra (July 2020). Our Darius Aggro deck guide contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

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Darius and Draven are here to smash your opponent’s Nexus into oblivion nice and early on. If you happen to have these cards available, it’s well worth trying this deck out, particularly for climbing the Legends of Runeterra ladder with games that are over quickly.

You’ll know pretty early on whether you’re in for a win or loss with Darius Aggro, which is some people’s favourite way to play. Often, your opponent’s deck will just not be able to handle you, giving you victories without you having to bother thinking too hard!

Here’s the best Darius Aggro deck at the moment, and you’ll find some tips and tricks below it.

Noxus Shadow Isles
3 x Legion Saboteur 3 x The Harrowing
3 x Precious Pet
3 x Crimson Disciple
3 x Imperial Demolitionist
3 x Legion Grenadier
3 x Transfusion
1 x Arachnoid Sentry
3 x Draven
3 x Iron Ballista
3 x Noxian Fervor
1 x Whirling Death
3 x Basilisk Rider
3 x Decimate
2 x Darius

To play this deck, log into the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click ‘Decks’. Click on ‘Import Deck’, and paste the deck import code below and then save.


General Strategy

Darius Aggro is a pretty simple deck to pilot, but you’ll still want to be paying attention to your gameplan. Here’s how to go through the match’s phases.

Early Game: Your early units are pretty scary to deal with if your opponent hasn’t got the perfect mulligan hand. Precious Pet and Legion Saboteur are two of the best 1-drops in the game, and if your hand is full of small units you can flood the board pretty swiftly to get attacks off. Usually, you want to be just charging in with attacks and damaging the enemy Nexus early, before they have the chance to react.

Crimson Disciple is another great early unit, as it damages the enemy Nexus when it survives damage. Blocking low-attack enemies can achieve this, but so can your own cards – Transfusion and Imperial Demolitionist both offer bonuses for taking this damage. Basically, your early game plan is to get units in play – whack a Draven out if you get the chance too – Quick Attack is incredibly powerful early on.

Mid Game: Same plan. Now though, you might want to take a few measures to keep your units alive with leftover mana. Whirling Death can help with this, and Noxian Fervor can take a guaranteed unit death and translate it into either enemy unit or Nexus damage. This can often lead to a cheeky early lethal, so keep count of the enemy’s health and you might be able to snatch victory.

You can start putting Overwhelm units on board too, and Basilisk Rider‘s Allegiance ability will almost always trigger since this deck is pretty much all Noxus. Between this, Iron Ballista, and Darius, you’ve got a lot of damage that’ll go directly into the enemy Nexus even with a blocker, so get them on board and buffed to keep chipping away.

Late Game: Hopefully, all this has got you victory by now, but if not you do have at least one more final gambit. The Harrowing brings back a full board of the strongest units you’ve lost this game and gives them Ephemeral, meaning you have one final attack before you run out of fuel. Be sure to use this when you have an Attack Token though, otherwise you’ll lose the units at the end of your turn. Of course, the spell can also be used for defense, but at that point you might be too far gone.

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Darius Aggro Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to hold on to at the start of a match to stay on curve:

  • 1. Precious Pet can’t be blocked by enemies with less than 3 attack, so it’s pretty solid for free early damage.
  • 2. Legion Saboteur deals 1 to the enemy Nexus with each attack, meaning you’re guaranteed to hit and unblocked it’ll deal 3.
  • 3. Crimson Disciple can be a fantastic early play, as it’s a great target for combos and early Nexus damage by pinging it yourself.

Darius Aggro tips, combos and synergies

Here’s some handy tips to help you pilot Darius Aggro to perfection!

Darius is levelled up to 10/6 when the enemy Nexus is at 10 health or less, and stays buffed even if they heal. His Overwhelm can be all you need to close out the game.

Crimson Disciple discourages opponents from attacking with small units, as whenever the Disciple survives damage, he deals 2 to the enemy Nexus. The unit can also be triggered by the likes of Transfusion and Imperial Demolitionist.

Arachnoid Sentry Stuns an enemy unit upon being played, meaning they can’t attack or block until the following turn. We’ve secured an unexpected lethal with this a couple times, letting damage get through where it otherwise would’ve been blocked.

– Buffing up Iron Ballista, Basilisk Rider, and Darius with the likes of Transfusion and Draven‘s Spinning Axe lets you take advantage of Overwhelm to get extra damage onto the enemy Nexus.

– Always count for lethal – Decimate is a guaranteed 4 Nexus damage (unless the enemy has something like Deny), and effects like Legion Saboteur‘s skill or Precious Pet‘s Fearsome can be the last push you need.

Noxian Fervor can target the enemy Nexus, dealing 3 damage for 3 mana as long as you hit one of your own units first.

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