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Kayle and Morgana reworks now live in League of Legends patch 9.5


The Seraphim sisters are back and better than ever before.

League of Legends patch 9.5 has just landed and it’s delivering some exciting updates.

Significantly, the reworked versions of Kayle and Morgana are now live with updated visuals and revamped abilities. Vi, Skarner, Akali and Rakan have also been given a helping hand, on top of a few other champion and items tweaks here and there.

First up, the reworked Kayle and Morgana champions are now available to play on the live servers. As two of League of Legends’ original champions it’s exciting to see them updated in line with many of Riot’s latest heroes.

While Morgana’s only received a visual overhaul, Kayle’s been completely revamped. Riot has embraced her monstrous late-game playstyle and transformed her into a righteous paladin who literally evolves as matches wear on.

In something of a surprise move, Riot has also taken to giving Vi a bit of love. It’s adjusted her Q and R to deal equal damage to everything she hits, which should give her faster jungle clear and better team fighting ability. They’ve toned down a few areas to compensate for these buffs, but overall it should make for a more powerful Vi.

Skarner’s spire radius has been increased. This means his red buff Spire should be in range of both Krugs and Raptors. According to Riot, this “will give him more options in his jungle pathing and help with his jungle clear in all three monster camps”. It’s also removing his Spires from the minimap, so his counterjungling attempts aren’t quite as obvious to the enemy team.

Akali’s also been buffed a little as Riot nerfed her pretty hard a couple of patches ago, and Rakan’s movement speed and damage has been increased to give him a touch more help in lane.

When it comes to item changes, both Relic Shield Line and Stormrazor have been updated. Relic Shield’s been nerfed to give other types of supports more of a chance to compete, while Stormrazor’s been buffed because, well, no one was buying it.

Elsewhere there are minor buffs and tweaks to champions like Jhin, Graves and even members of the old guard like Dr. Mundo.

For a complete overview of everything that’s been adjusted in patch 9.5, make sure you head on over to Riot’s official patch notes page.

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