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Kayle rework showcased in new League of Legends Champion Spotlight


She's still a late-game monster.

Kayle’s upcoming rework has been highlighted in a brand new Champion Spotlight video. It showcases her brand new look, and details all of her revamped abilities too.

Riot posted Kayle’s new Champion Spotlight over on its social media channels, and it gives us a more in-depth look at her rework compared to the teaser we were treated to in February.

The original Kayle was embraced by the community as a late-game Champion, one who started off weak but gained immense power once she had a few items to her name. Riot has clearly reworked her around this power creep, making it a part of her DNA. Now she truly evolves in both appearance and power as each match progresses.

Kayle now has a “Celestial Form” which she’ll gradually grow closer to throughout the course of a match. She’ll evolve little by little, and each time she does so she’ll gain increased basic attack speed, power and range.

It’s all thanks to her “Divine Ascent” passive. At Level 1 her basic attacks increase her attack speed, and at max stacks she’ll become Exalted and gain bonus movement speed towards enemies.

Here’s the Champion Spotlight video:

At Level 6 Kayle flies on two sets of wings, and when Exalted her attacks launch flaming waves that cleave through enemies and deal bonus damage. Reach Level 11 and Kayle’s helmet will fly off, another set of wings will appear and she’ll begin basic attacking from range.

Hit Level 16 and Kayle transforms into her final “Champion of Justice” form. She’ll wield two swords, become permanently Exalted and deal true damage with her waves of fire.

Her “Starfire Spellblade” [E] has both an active and passive effect. Passively her basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, and when activated Kayle’s next basic attack becomes ranged and deals a portion of the target’s missing health as bonus damage. At Level 6, this damages enemies next to her target as well.

Kayle’s “Radiant Blast” [Q] now pierces the first enemy hit with light, dealing damage, shredding resistances and slowing anyone caught in the blast.

“Celestial Blessing” [W] heals Kayle and a target allied Champion, also hitting them with a movement speed buff too.

Finally, Kayles “Divine Judgement” [R] still makes her or a target ally invulnerable, but now also rains damaging blades once the ability comes to an end.

Kayle’s rework is likely to hit the test server very soon and her sister, Morgana, is due a slight overhaul of her own soon. Keep your eyes on the site for updates.

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