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League of Legends’ next juggernaut champion is “smokin’ hot”


And there's a new marksman on the horizon too.

A new support champion, Senna, was unveiled during Riot Games’ League of Legends 10th Anniversary Celebrations this week – but that’s not all it had in store for us. In its latest champion roadmap, it’s confirmed a new marksman and juggernaut champion are currently in development too.

The new marksman has been raised with only one purpose in mind, “to protect the faith from those who stand in the sun”. They’re also “constantly training, mastering diverse weapons of faith” and “swapping through them like cycles of the moon”. From the sounds of things, they’re a devout defender of their faith, able to swap between weapons to deal damage or provide utility for teammates.

Another champion in the works is a “smokin’ hot new juggernaut” – we’re sensing fiery themes already. Riot admits it’s been a while since they’ve made a “straightforward, accessible juggernaut”, with “Darius being the last”. So, it’s creating a champion who will “thrive in the center of a brawl” and even laugh as they soak up punishment, before “furiously punching back, releasing all that stored aggression on their enemies’ faces”.

Whoever this new juggernaut is, we’re sensing an air of Draven’s showmanship about them. It’s clear they’ll be big, lairy and happy to let their fists do the talking.

Riot’s champion roadmap also provides updates on two upcoming champion reworks, Fiddlesticks and Volibear, as well as a couple of champions even further down the pipeline.

Fiddlesticks’ new kit is going to be centered around the “concept of fear” and it’ll also include more than his point and click status effect, which Riot stresses – is hanging around.

When it comes to Volibear, Riot has moved away from the “permanent unstoppability” direction and has been testing a new build which makes him feel more like a “god of storms”. It’s taken on board feedback that they’re initial grotesque-horror designs strayed too far from live Volibear, so this new direction will show him “in his most prime, original, godlike form”.

To wrap things up, Riot says there are a few other champions in very early stages of production, including a “whimsical jungler” and an “edgy solo-lane melee carry”. More information on them will be arriving in the next roadmap, so stay tuned for our coverage when it swings our way.

If you’re following Worlds 2019, make sure you have a glance at our Worlds 2019 guide as it contains everything you need to follow the action.

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