Play of the Game highlights #12 – Overwatch


Our pick of the best plays you'll see today.

We’ve rummaged through an obscene amount of community highlights and picked out only the very best for your viewing pleasure.

This time around you’ll see Ana never miss a Sleep Dart, while Mei takes on the role of damage dealer for her team. There’s more too, so make sure you check out the whole gallery!

If you’ve got any amazing highlights of your own, or if you think we’ve missed out on any you’ve seen, link to it on Gfycat so we can have a look for ourselves. If they’re really good, we’ll feature them next time!

Zenyatta deletes his foes.

Mercy hangs in there.

DV.a perfectly calculates her Ultimate.

“I hate you Ana.”

Mei takes things into her own hands.

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