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Players can now vote for the next League of Legends champion rework


Who do you want to see overhauled?

In a first for League of Legends, Riot Games is letting players vote for the champion it wants to see completely overhauled. It’s promised an update to their “gameplay, visuals, story, animations, voice acting…the works”. As it’s undoubtedly a big undertaking, the winner’s rework is scheduled for a 2020 release.

Fiddlesticks, Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Shyvana and Volibear are all up for contention and players have until 11:59pm PT on May 15th to cast their vote. You can only vote once, and you can’t change your selection, so make sure you choose wisely.

Riot has also offered an insight into how it’ll approach each champion rework, and it’s clear the devs are both keen to freshen up each champion’s kit but retain their signature playstyles.

Here’s a quick glance at how Riot plans on reworking each champion on the list:

  • Fiddlesticks: Riot wants to “preserve his unique mage jungler playstyle” as well as his Crowstorm ultimate. It also wants to “add more counterplay and satisfaction to his base kit” while “building in more synergies with Crowstorm”.
  • Shyvana: Riot plans on keeping her “damaging fighter playstyle” but make her dragon form “better express the theme of a destructive fire-breathing dragon”.
  • Nocturne: Again, Riot plans on preserving his ultimate but will enhance his visuals and make some adjustments to his base kit.
  • Dr. Mundo: On top of drastic art and animation work, Riot wishes to keep Dr.Mundo as “an unkillable self-healing super tank” as well as his iconic cleavers. On top of this, his W and E will be tweaked heavily.
  • Volibear: Riot’s vague on this front, with the only hint being its aim to “make him less feast-or-famine”.

Riot’s also open to more champion votes in the future, but it won’t be a regular gig. It’s also made clear that the winner of the vote may not be the first rework released in 2020 as it all depends on how the update pans out.

Our vote’s with Dr. Mundo, we love the cleaver-flinging big boy.

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